Let's paint some abstract art inspired by this 👈 drawing onto this 👉 canvas (Conny for scale) :awesome:

First I am priming the canvas with a mix of Gesso and texture paste, and I am using palette knives and old brushes for this because I don't want the surface to be smooth at all.

Once this stuff is dry, the surface feels almost like sandpaper

Next up is the base color layer. For this I am using my trusted acrylic primary colors. They mix cleanly and allow me to get every color I want.

Oh it already looks so cool? I am just getting started though 😳

I am painting the space between the circles with a thinned-down mix of Graphite Grey and Mars Black (also called Iron Oxide Black). Mars Black is a heavily granulating pigment and creates a very interesting texture.

Last and most fun part is covering all the circles with oil paint. I start in the top left edge with all the violets and purples.

I'm having so much fun painting this, I mean look at them colors 🤤

I want all my brush strokes to be super visible, so I am using a synthetic bristle brush and mix impasto medium into the paint.

Top ~third is done, so I'll need at least 4 more days to finish it.

Me when ultramarine: 😍 but with blue hearts
Me when cobalt blue: 😍 but with blue hearts
Me when phthalo blue: 😍 but with blue hearts
blue 🥺

Cobalt Turquoise Light is the most beautiful color ever nobody can convince me otherwise

Some oil paint is transparent and quite dark straight from the tube, so I need to add white to it. For this I use Tinting white because it does not overpower the color and make it look chalky like Titanium white can do.

I may still decide to rework some smaller areas, but the most work is definitely done. Now it has to dry a few months and then it will get a varnish and a frame. And hopefully I find someone who wants to have it because I got no space for it 😅

@andredo hmmm was wärs dir wert? So 150€ Materialkosten und 10 Tage Arbeit stecken drinnen.

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