It is safe to just use WebP on Webpages these days, right? No more jpg fallback required like it was a few years ago?

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@joel @ConnyDuck People might hate you for it, though, because the support isn't there for other apps like Discord etc. :blobnervous:

@adambark as photographer myself, I've realized that and… I don't care : only fools prints from compressed files. :3


@clov @ConnyDuck 😕 the article is about images on the web not prints

@adambark 🤦

"When the wise man shows the moon, the fool looks at the finger."


@ConnyDuck Yes, but WebP is also pointless at pixel dimensions that are common on the web today.

“WebP seems to have about 10% better compression compared to libjpeg in most cases, except with 1500px images where the compression is about equal.”

@ConnyDuck Stick with JPEG only or JPEG+AVIF. Eventually you can go AVIF only. The IE of today (Safari) is holding us back, as usual, but it seems we're getting close as AVIF support just landed in Preview and Finder.

AVIF makes a real difference, WebP does not.

@ConnyDuck Perhaps I should add that I was talking about lossy compression WebP. For lossless compression WebP is a better option than PNG.

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