It always was the super customizable Fedilab vs the rather simple Tusky, but then the Mastodon App came along and now people are talking about the customizable Tusky

@Callalily :D it has some options, but none were added recently

I would just advice you @ConnyDuck that let us think about further customization to coming future #Tusky releases, but watch this does not turn into running unstableness behavior like Fedilab still does.


@ConnyDuck Maybe I should try Tusky again. I abandoned it 4 years ago.

@ConnyDuck Tusky has a great balance between simplicity and customization. I love it 🤗🐣

@ConnyDuck customizability is great until things get to complicated and unstable like fedilab. Add customization slowly and make it work well instead of building an unstable feature on top of an unstable feature on top of an unstable feature. Card houses are not the way to go

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