How could I debug this when both my ISPs don't support IPv6?
I don't think it crashes because of IPv6 but another problem, I can't check because I can't even connect though 😕

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Ok, I got helped, it worked with a VPN.

As expected it had nothing to do with IPv6, the server is just missing vapid keys. So here is a PSA for all Mastodon admins: Make sure your server has vapid keys set, or Tusky 19.0+ (and likely all other apps that use push notifications) will not work with it. How to generate those keys is explained in the Mastodon documentation:

@ConnyDuck kann dir zum debuggen später wenn du magst ne wireguard config rüberwerfen die dir v6 baut.

@ConnyDuck does your mobile data do ipv6? My home wifi diesnt but my carrier does

@ConnyDuck hmmm. That really is a tough one. Is there a way i could log tusky and give you the output?

@ConnyDuck Pleroma gives a warning on startup when they're not set and generates them when you use the installer, I guess mastodon doesn't?

@lanodan @ConnyDuck I don't know what they are but I have 'em set up apparently so I guess mastodon warns you somewhere

@ConnyDuck I can't tell if vapid keys are an actual thing or if you're just making fun of them.

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