nightly updates via Google Play are delayed because Google chooses to continue to be as annoying as possible. They think we as client developers have any control over content on Mastodon instances and violate their "user generated content policy". 🙄
We also have a repository you can add to F-Droid in oder to get nightly updates completely Google-free:

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg is much nicer than Google upselling play store anyways. 🤷‍♀️

@Moepmoep @ConnyDuck @fdroidorg Sure, but not everyone has the knowledge required for it.

@ConnyDuck I hadn't installed FDroid before, but now I have!

@ConnyDuck google don't respect his own user generated content policy with censure 😌

@ConnyDuck And don't forget the regular releases are available directly at #fdroid :awesome:

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