Hello @fdroidorg, my merge requests for your client app are being ignored since months and by the looks of it I am not the only one. Will this situation improve again or can external contributors stop bothering?

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@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg i feel like fdroid is becoming less and less active as time passes.

@Scarlet @fdroidorg My impression is that their app collection is still well maintained and gets regular updates, other things like website or app not so much

@ConnyDuck @Scarlet The @fdroidorg website is so slow that Firefox regularly throws a time-out error. 😐

@pixelcode @ConnyDuck @Scarlet @fdroidorg this actually isn't true anymore. It was switched to a round robin DNS setup a while ago (with multiple caching proxies to cope with the load)

@pixelcode @j_r @ConnyDuck I don't encounter this issue on my computer, vivaldi browser and personal DNS resolving to openNIC ones

@pixelcode that shouldn't happen anymore, are you open to debug this further?

@pixelcode if you resolve via DNS, what IP addresses do you get?

@ConnyDuck I'm not part of the client team, so I can only make educated guesses: there's a huge "rewrite" taking place currently to implement index-v2, and I can imagine a lot of time goes into testing etc. to make sure there are no side-effects and everything else "keeps working". But I agree that some feedback would be nice indeed. Maybe hop on the IRC/Matrix channel to suggest possibilities (which gives you the chance on instant feedback)?

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg you're contributions are always valuable! We're in the middle of a lot of things now, including a major overhaul of the guts of fdroidclient, the buildserver, setting up F-Droid as its own legal entity, etc. etc. So I've only had time recently to review things I'm directly working on. That also means that fdroidclient is working async, so your merge request won't bitrot so fast and is still valuable. Of course, we should be communicating all this more.

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