Oh it already looks so cool? I am just getting started though 😳

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Next up is the base color layer. For this I am using my trusted acrylic primary colors. They mix cleanly and allow me to get every color I want.

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First I am priming the canvas with a mix of Gesso and texture paste, and I am using palette knives and old brushes for this because I don't want the surface to be smooth at all.

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Let's paint some abstract art inspired by this πŸ‘ˆ drawing onto this πŸ‘‰ canvas (Conny for scale) :awesome:

Pixelfed only allows 15mb files, so I'm posting the process video here

Yesterday on our balcony. It is the tiniest of apple trees but so cute πŸ₯Ί

uhm @fdroidorg did you really mean to raise the minSdkVersion of your client from 14 to 22 in your latest alpha? That is a lot of versions that are suddenly no longer supported.

here is a screenshot from play console and the screenshot they attached which seems not to be related at all

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The performance inspector in Firefox says there is a "DOM-Event" going on forever. What does it mean?

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