Coming to Nightly today: Bookmark support!
It will only work with Mastodon instances that already run the new bookmarks code. Of course we will wait to release it in the stable channel at least until Mastodon did a release as well.

Found on : Aurora Droid, an alternative Client for Fdroid. Has some usability problems but wow looks so much better than the official F-Droid client

Getting this notification, can't swipe it away. Upgraded Fedilab and Android 10 recently.

Ouch @fdroidorg
How is a user supposed to tell the two apps apart. This makes 0 sense.

Also you have a bug that shows the weirdest languages but not one I understand (would try to fix but have no time sry)

Serial harasser warning/ instance block recommendation 

Coming to nightly today: A redesigned search that can display more than the first few results, thx to the folks from RomaApps that keep contributing back upstream.

Feedback very much appreciated!


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