Coming to nightly today thx to @Tak:
Instance mutes! Block the whole instance from a users profile, view your muted domains in the Account preferences!

New in nightly:
• The report process has been completely rewritten. Enjoy the new shiny interface while reporting fascists and terfs! You can even block them in the process.
• New Bengali localization

Coming to nightly today: A update to the emoji fonts. 1 additional font (the new Google emojis) and updates to the existing fonts (you will have to redownload the font files)

Coming to nightly today: Animated GIF avatars! Enable them in the settings.

Yes in the drop downs have the wrong color. I upgraded the material library in the wrong way 🙄, will fix soon. sry

Some crashes only uncover once the app is fully rolled out. From the stacktrace it looks like there are polls floating around that have no enddate set. Anybody has an example of those and how do create one?

So, the full plan for 8 is:
• fix them bugs
• fix more bugs
• refactor the shit out of that old codebase
• fix even more bugs
• animate avatars
• i guess some bugfixing won't hurt

For 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

opened @fdroidorg merge request ✅
uploaded to GitHub ✅
uploaded to Google Play ✅
uploaded to Amazon ✅

7 tomorrow. Thx for the testing, this could be one of the most stable releases ever 🤞

Tried to implement the blurhash feature in , only managed to murder performance and get a single color out of it. Did you try it already

Providing nightly builds was really an awesome idea. Bugs are found way sooner

Nightly users, dod you notice any performance problems recently?

Coming to nightly today: poll notifications

This is already kinda a release candidate as I will not adding any more features for Tusky 7, so please test and report me all the bugs.

managed to get some coding done despite the drama today
This is the last feature PR for 7, hope to get the beta released on the weekend

Don't get me wrong, its fine to fork (and others), but please adhere to GPL 3, which says "The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified it, and giving a relevant date."

I would pay for an reproducible testcase of the "vanishing toots" bug
I can reproduce it with deleted statuses (will fix for Tusky 7) but apparently it also happens with non-deleted statuses.

Now, fixing bugs in is a lot harder. I use it myself a lot (I don't use my company's app at all), but mostly I am dependant on users reporting stuff. I really try to investigate every report I get. The more details a report contains, the easier it is to fix the issue.

has no tracking of any kind and it I think that is one of its main features. I hate using apps that track me.

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