I just released 18.0, but do you know what is even more exciting?
The feature drop coming to Tusky nightly today!
Unified push 馃憖

Are there any problems with 18 beta 1 I should know about before the full release?

I should stop investigating bugs users report today because all of them are caused by overloaded instances 馃檲

Here are two coding tasks that are very beginner friendly (imho). Never contributed to open source software but you would like to? This is the place to start. Message me or reply on GitHb if you have any questions. github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu

Redesign the bot badge in ? yes/no/maybe? I know here are some ui nerds around who can do that better than me ---> github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu

Android 13 will support per-app language preferences. That is cool because there will finally be an official api for it, but of course already has the feature anyway.

16.0 on Google Play will take a while because Google is rejecting updates again 馃檮

16.0 is out!
And some new Tusky 17 improvements are already coming to the Nightly today :)

16 isn't even out yet and we already got 7 new pull requests lined up for Tusky 17 :yayblob:

What is a good Pleroma instance to test on? It seems all I have an account on are on old versions or even completely down :/

I'm thinking of adding a "instance info" screen to , where you can see server version, admin account, rules etc.
But where to put it? 馃

It will take a while until is available on @fdroidorg because they can't build with Gradle 7.3 馃檮

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Does your instance have custom animated png emojis? If so, please reply them below, I need to make sure they work correctly in .

Very good news: I just merged the pull request I was working on for the last months
馃憠 Complete refactoring of the timeline loading logic (which is basically the heart of the app) with Kotlin & coroutines
馃憠 Squashed some bugs within the timeline
馃憠 Code is now way cleaner than before, which should make adding new features faster and bugs easier to spot

Ok so I gave them instructions on how to create a Mastodon account and that helped apparently because nightly finally got an update again.

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Is it possible to turn off the mandatory 2FA on Mastodon (the thing where it sends you an email with a code when you log in with an unknown IP)? Because Google wants "account credentials" to test or else I can't publish any updates.

15.1 is out! It is the same as Tusky 15.0, except it doesn't crash when captioning images.

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