It is amazing into how many languages has been translated already. Tusky 14 adds 100% translations of Sanskrit, Sorani Kurdish and Bulgarian, bringing the count of (almost complete) translations to 40. Made possible by awesome voluntary contributors 馃挋

Hey Nightly Testers: The most recent nightly build is already pretty close to Tusky 14. How do you like it?

development currently focuses on quality improvements rather than new features. The whole app is slowly rewritten with modern architecture.
Recently I polished the draft feature, instead of ancient Java it is now in actually maintainable Kotlin

Not sure if I will ever find the time to get into a releasable state, but the knowledge I gained from building it helps a lot in improving .

13.1 is out with some fixes, and nightly will already receive the first Tusky 14 features for testing with the next update.
Notifications when a user posts thx to @a1batross and a wellbeing mode thx to

Oh, looks like Let's Encrypt found a way to stay compatible with old Androids, seems I can remove the workaround that ships with 13.1 again

Sooo how is 13 going?
Asking because I am in the process of preparing 13.1 and I don't want to do a 13.2

I am never sure if features like that would really be used in and how to best design them (and it should not be one person deciding), so I would be glad about additional input and ideas.

With this the current nightly should be pretty close to what will be released as 13.

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The newest has support for account notes. Please test them and tell me what you think!

What is a good "save on server" icon? Please don't say floppy disk. I'm asking for the account note feature that I am adding to .

Whoever keeps putting random mistakes into the German translation, please stop or I will have to lock the Weblate up again, thx.

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