13.1 is out with some fixes, and nightly will already receive the first Tusky 14 features for testing with the next update.
Notifications when a user posts thx to @a1batross and a wellbeing mode thx to

I am never sure if features like that would really be used in and how to best design them (and it should not be one person deciding), so I would be glad about additional input and ideas.
馃憠 github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/pull

The newest has support for account notes. Please test them and tell me what you think!

What is a good "save on server" icon? Please don't say floppy disk. I'm asking for the account note feature that I am adding to .

Whoever keeps putting random mistakes into the German translation, please stop or I will have to lock the Weblate up again, thx.

Todays update to nightly will be pretty close to 12 beta, which I will release in the next days

I checked translations: Hindi, Malayalam and Slovak could really need some attention. If you want to help translating those or any other language, go to our : weblate.tusky.app/projects/tus

The new hiding top bar in nightly has one problem: It doesn't integrate well with the options bar in the notification tab. As far as i know it is not possible to have both bars do the hide-on-scroll. Ideas how to work around that problem are very much welcome because its one of the few things blocking us from doing the next Tusky release.

Coming to today: Redesign of the main interface including a new preference to move the tabs to the bottom. Give me all the feedback, nothing is final here.

What should be the default setting (of course everybody will always be able to switch in the preferences no matter the result of this poll)

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The PR has been updated to include a top toolbar. It is shown for both top and bottom tabs and will hide on scroll

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