Coming to Nightly today: Bookmark support!
It will only work with Mastodon instances that already run the new bookmarks code. Of course we will wait to release it in the stable channel at least until Mastodon did a release as well.

First impression of migrating to Viewpager2: Wow this thing is fast 馃

Just upgraded Tuskys api lvl to Android 10
The only thing that will be noticable is the improved sharing to Tusky.

I created an easy way to customize a build since it was requested by instance admins.
Please have a look and give me feedback.
@jaz @inditoot

Can you send my Pixelfed acc some notifications please?

Crashlogs are telling me that there is some fediverse software out there where the api returns statuses with invalid or null dates. Does anybody got an idea what that could be 馃

Also, I already added the 9 changelog to the repo so it can be translated in Weblate:
The changelog will show up in F-Droid for the stable 9.0 release.

Starts implementing audio support for .
Uploads a monotone sound as test file.
Debugs for hours why the sound is not playing.
Wait, why is my laptop making these weird noises?

1400 lines of code added to enable poll creation in Tusky. Thought it would be easier.

This poll was created with

What poll duration options should be available when creating a poll?

Sooooo dear nightly testers, how do you like the new search?

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