Todays update to nightly will be pretty close to 12 beta, which I will release in the next days

I checked translations: Hindi, Malayalam and Slovak could really need some attention. If you want to help translating those or any other language, go to our :

The new hiding top bar in nightly has one problem: It doesn't integrate well with the options bar in the notification tab. As far as i know it is not possible to have both bars do the hide-on-scroll. Ideas how to work around that problem are very much welcome because its one of the few things blocking us from doing the next Tusky release.

Coming to today: Redesign of the main interface including a new preference to move the tabs to the bottom. Give me all the feedback, nothing is final here.

What should be the default setting (of course everybody will always be able to switch in the preferences no matter the result of this poll)

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Finally managed to get below 1000 crashes 馃帀
And that with more users than ever 馃槏

Crashlogs indicate 10 is crashing somewhere when one does not have a internet connection (instead of showing an error message). I had a look around but have no idea where it could be. If you have any hints, tell me please!

10 status update: Beta is going well, no major bugs, we fixed ~10 smaller issues so far. There is some more polishing to be done, but I expect to release a final version in the next 7 days!
Thanks so much for beta testing, it really helps a lot! 馃挋

If you are no nightly tester but would like to become one, check our FAQ for more info on how to:

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Newest nightly is very close to what will be released as Tusky 10 beta soon. So if you are a nightly tester, now is the time to send me all your feedback!

Just merged three new translations for : Islandic, Kabylian and Slovakian
I don't know who did these but its super awesome?

Can you recommend me a Pleroma instance to use for Tusky testing?

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