It would be really awesome as an appdeveloper to know about experience-breaking changes to Mastodon some time before they are released.
For the audio attachment it was like 3 days from pull request to release and now I constantly have statuses that look like they have a broken image attached in my Tusky timeline.

Another nice improvement is that displaying threads now only needs 2 requests to the server instead of 3. I bet that is noticeable on slow networks.

Yes I finally fixed the bug where toots were vanishing from the timeline 馃槏
took me some hours but

Coming to nightly today: Improved link preview cards! Please try out some links and tell me if you find one where the preview does not look good.

If you want to contribute to @Tusky and don't know where to start or have questions about setup, git or coding, feel free to contact me, Im glad to help with everything.

Maybe sombody here knows this: What link do I have to post so the Mastodon Api returns a Card of type "rich"?

Coming to nightly today: Animated GIF avatars! Enable them in the settings.

I have 4 Android devices but I fail to reproduce this
Any hints very appreciated

Some crashes only uncover once the app is fully rolled out. From the stacktrace it looks like there are polls floating around that have no enddate set. Anybody has an example of those and how do create one?

So thats of course only what I will be doing, im sure other contributors will add more awesome things.
And yes, animated avatars will be configurable and off by default.

So, the full plan for 8 is:
鈥 fix them bugs
鈥 fix more bugs
鈥 refactor the shit out of that old codebase
鈥 fix even more bugs
鈥 animate avatars
鈥 i guess some bugfixing won't hurt

Is it possible to get statuses from the Mastodon api that don't have their visibility set? 馃

Nightly users, dod you notice any performance problems recently?

Known bugs with polls:

- sometimes it crashes when voting (can't reproduce yet)
- its still possible to vote on closed polls when they come from the cache

Anything else I need to fix?

I would pay for an reproducible testcase of the "vanishing toots" bug
I can reproduce it with deleted statuses (will fix for Tusky 7) but apparently it also happens with non-deleted statuses.

Anybody here who has a Samsung S7 Edge and gets crashes in 6.1?

I already have a "blind" fix from the stacktraces but it would be nice to confirm the fix

Any hints on how to reproduce the crashes in v6.0 are highly appreciated.

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