Anybody here who has a Samsung S7 Edge and gets crashes in 6.1?

I already have a "blind" fix from the stacktraces but it would be nice to confirm the fix

Any hints on how to reproduce the crashes in v6.0 are highly appreciated.

Looks like the new language switching feature does not work with App bundles because Google Play does not deliver all languages to a device. Makes sense, the problem is the library that helps solving this is - yep you guessed it - proprietary 馃檮馃檮

The next nightly update is release candidate for 6.0! Feature Highlights: Filters shared with server & custom hashtag tabs. Please test the shit out of it and report me all the bugs!

Crowdin sync has been deactivated - we are going to test Weblate next.

Any opinions on this pull request? (changing the icon for CW on the compose screen)

How do I correctly validate that a String can be a Mastodon Hashtag?

6 Tusky builds queued woooow bitrise can't keep up

But the more exiting stuff is happening on nightly:
- awesome improvements to accessibility
- autocomplete for emojis
- TLS 1.3 support

Please test and give us all the feedback

Tusky 5.2 coming out tomorrow and its gonna be stable af.

5.1 pushed to all appstores, should be live soon. (Except fdroid, they havent even published 5.0 yet) Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh no. Can somebody here with an Android 5 device please tell me 5 is working? From the crash reports it looks like it doesn't 馃槙馃

Helft mir mal kurz: Wie 眉bersetze ich "X Boosts" und "X Favourites" am besten ins Deutsche? Bin im Moment bei "X mal geteilt" und "X mal favorisiert".

to try it out, wait for the next nightly update and then go to account preferences -> tabs

I just merged the thing I worked on in basically all my freetime in the last 2 months: Tab customization and a direct messages tabs

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