Does anyone know what pleroma.metadata.fields_limits indicates in Pleromas /api/v1/instance response? Changelog says "A list of values detailing the length and count limitation for various instance-configurable fields." and that is not making me any wiser. Which fields are this? :thinking:

Users: Conny your app is buggy, pls fix
Conny: Wait I think I can cut json decoding time in half

Very good news: I just merged the pull request I was working on for the last months
👉 Complete refactoring of the timeline loading logic (which is basically the heart of the app) with Kotlin & coroutines
👉 Squashed some bugs within the timeline
👉 Code is now way cleaner than before, which should make adding new features faster and bugs easier to spot

Oh hey its a nice day why not REWRITE TUSKYS WHOLE TIMELINE LOGIC 🙂

I just merged a huge refactoring. Dear testers, please keep an eye out for weird timeline behavior after the next Nightly update. Ideally you won't notice any difference ☺️

Anway, I would like to finally have it fixed. Please send me all information that might help, especially instructions on how to reproduce it reliably.

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I get this bug (scheduled toots not sending at the scheduled time) reported again and again. I think there was a discussion here whether it is a server or client bug, but I can't find it anymore :/

Can somebody with an Android 10/11 Samsung test something in for me real quick? Go to a toot with images, open the image, download it. Does it crash?

13.1 is out with some fixes, and nightly will already receive the first Tusky 14 features for testing with the next update.
Notifications when a user posts thx to @a1batross and a wellbeing mode thx to

I am never sure if features like that would really be used in and how to best design them (and it should not be one person deciding), so I would be glad about additional input and ideas.

The newest has support for account notes. Please test them and tell me what you think!

What is a good "save on server" icon? Please don't say floppy disk. I'm asking for the account note feature that I am adding to .

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