@phoenix oh is there a difference? English is not my first language

Just translated new German strings for 8 on weblate.tusky.app/
Its actually amazing how easy this is. (Btw if your language is not up to date in the beta, now is the time to translate them so they are ready for the stable release)

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@oliviamaia D: no I was too scared for that I just had to close the door real quick

@oliviamaia after some time it was flying in a repeated pattern and I had to wait for the right moment

@oliviamaia it was about the size of my hand (including wings)

It was wicked fast and still managed to not touch anything. And it refused to leave how rude. Eventually I could push it out the door D:

there was a bat in my flat, can't recommend

Todays nightly update is release candidate for Tusky 8! Please test and tell me about any bugs.

gab, tusky 

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not deplatforming nazis is deplatforming everyone else

nighty night fediverse, see you tomorrow 😴

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