Coming to nightly today thanks to @Tak : Following hashtags on instances that support it!

Anyone know of a Mastodon instance that has a different video upload limit than the default 40mb? (configuration.media_attachments.video_size_limit in the /api/v1/instance response)

Also, do I assume correctly that upload_limit in a Pleroma /api/v1/instance response serves the same purpose but applies to all uploads no matter the type?

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I love the colors on this painting so much, and it was so much fun to do!
❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

80x100cm oil and acrylic on canvas

the contrast between the underwhelming Fairphone 4 camera and my M50 with an amazing lens

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Today I was painting in the park and this crow was very interested and posed for photos. Guess what I am painting next.

@wolf nein das ist zwar geforkt von Tusky aber komplett unabhängig. Übernimmt glaub ich auch keinen neuen Code von Tusky mehr.

Ok, I got helped, it worked with a VPN.

As expected it had nothing to do with IPv6, the server is just missing vapid keys. So here is a PSA for all Mastodon admins: Make sure your server has vapid keys set, or Tusky 19.0+ (and likely all other apps that use push notifications) will not work with it. How to generate those keys is explained in the Mastodon documentation:

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How could I debug this when both my ISPs don't support IPv6?
I don't think it crashes because of IPv6 but another problem, I can't check because I can't even connect though 😕

@pixelcode Since GDPR they are in constant fear of being sued.

Ah yes analytics department complaining because they don't get enough tracking data and legal complaining we track too much, my job is fun.

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