@uwehermann this confirms my suspicion that Google Play splits the apk the wrong way for this device

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Anybody here who has a Samsung S7 Edge and gets crashes in 6.1?

TIL about "Ping Hyperlink Auditing"
What the fuck they are baking tracking into fcking HTML? 0____O

@charlag for me it looks like you never get the actual result without refreshing, this could have been solved way better

@tom79 Ah, good to know, but I blocked voting without chosing an option :)

@tom79 are you talking about poll creation? Im only doing voting now.

so I will have to add the refresh button in Tusky too

Ok looks they do, just takes some time to sync. Clicking refresh helps

@phessler have you clicked refresh? It seems refreshing helps

@inthedarkwelive ja schon klar, aber sehen alle Instanzen das gleiche Ergebnis? Sieht hier grad so aus als ob nur die Votes der eigenen Instanz gezählt werden

So do poll votes federate? Seems they do not, only the home instance of the status sees the full result.

tfw you google Android bugs and you only find your own code

@bugaevc thats super weird, do you have any idea how to reproduce it? @Tusky

@feld @lanodan ah so its basically just a different layout for a Thread. Yeah we could do that in Tusky as well I guess

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