@Bobo_PK its just translation improvements though 馃槄

@jan yes that is also possible. Can you maybe narrow down which one it is and whats different from others?

@jan Usually these kind of bugs are caused by a "bad" notification, i.e. one that violates the API contract. Maybe that notification got deleted?

@andredo Yes, it is a known issue. We are refactoring a lot in the timeline code currently and broke stuff. Now we decided to take a step back and reimplement it alltogether so it will take a while until it is fixed. If it bothers you please use the stable version in the meantime!
Thx for testing!

@andredo @Bobo_PK @charlag In the first iteration there will be no difference for users

@Bobo_PK a lot of reasons, but primarily because there is a new library that takes away most of the hard parts. The old stuff is so difficult to maintain and slow

Oh hey its a nice day why not REWRITE TUSKYS WHOLE TIMELINE LOGIC 馃檪

@Bobo_PK Umfragen gehen auch nicht. Tjaja das kommt vom schnell-schnell fixen

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"Once, GitHub Copilot suggested starting an empty file with something it had even seen more than a whopping 700,000 different times during training -- that was the GNU General Public License."


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