@baschi29 its not possible in the current Tusky beta but it might be possible to add it

@threed the api gives us a ordered list of toots in the hometimeline in chuncks with up to 40 (I think) toots

@threed You talking about the home timeline? Its never fully fetched, getting all threads would require quite some additional requests.

@threed no. I think this would require server support.

@ar probably, but thats not something to fix between beta/full

@Phoenix_alx you can attach audio files, but not record them in Tusky directly

@desgracamento absolutely, but thats not something to fix in a beta. Can you maybe open a issue on github?

So, how is the going? We fixed one crash in the image viewer and added back a missing setting - anything else we should improve before full rollout?

So Starcraft 2 had to turn 10 for them to add the game start countdown AFTER the loading screen 🀯

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Acryl, oil and gold/palladium on 60x80cm canvas

These took me almost a year to complete πŸ˜…

@Taffer yes its a library we use, cannot control the sensitivity of the swipe. But you can turn it off completely in preferences if it annoys you too much

@lg I think that is not possible because its not supported by Mastodon

@jpfox that looks interesting, thx for reporting 🧐
Can you give me the exact Tusky version you are using and a link to a status where the problem appears?

The Pixel 4a looks really good 🧐
Too bad I don't buy Google stuff anymore

Job ad
> "native App-Developer"
> required: experience with JavaScript

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