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@feld but what Api are you talking about then, I know only of this one and it returns the messages like in your screenshots
would be awesome to have a better grouping though

@feld ?¿? its exactly the same as in the Web frontend

@feld you can already show your dms, just add an dm tab in the account settings

Coming to nightly today: New Slovenian translation thx to @lapor

@vegardskjefstad If you want you can request up to 50$ from our opencollective as compensation for your time

@vegardskjefstad awesome! Thank you so much. The new strings will be in the next nightly release so you can check them. I will also add Norwegian to the in-App language selection.

@trilader @rixx :D rixx hat das nur drinnen um Tuskyuser zu trollen. Ich sollt mal schaun ob ich das fixen kann

@maloki @boisdevache :/ For me its the other way round. Should we start the discussion again? But then we need a better way to make decisions.

@maloki @boisdevache because CW was not internationalizable. It works for English, but not for e.g Russian
here is the discussion:

@alm10965 @NightBerry hat wohl damit zu tun dass nicht alle Instanzen und Clients Umfragen unterstützen

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So what sucks most about Tusky

Oh is on 2.8.0. Lets spam some polls, I need them to test Tusky.

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