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#Tusky 6.0 beta has been released to the beta channel on Google Play. New features include custom hashtag tabs, filters synced with server, and list editing! Read the full changelog here:

the Eu parliament passed the copyright thing with and 😶

This could be the fastest we ever released a major version, thx to a lot of awesome contributors - I didn't even write much code myself 😊

The next nightly update is release candidate for 6.0! Feature Highlights: Filters shared with server & custom hashtag tabs. Please test the shit out of it and report me all the bugs!

Weblate has the huge advantage over Crowdin that it is open-source and we can self-host it

Crowdin sync has been deactivated - we are going to test Weblate next.

coming to nightly today: You can have a hashtag as an custom tab on you main interface

Any opinions on this pull request? (changing the icon for CW on the compose screen)

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Der @ConnyDuck hat sich die App "Digitales Amt" angeschaut und, nun ja:

(Why only on birdsite tho?)

Coming to nightly today thx to @Tak: Syncing filters with the server!

How do I correctly validate that a String can be a Mastodon Hashtag?

Yes, 5.2 is crashing when you have polls in your notifications.
1. We are aware of the issue, a fix for the crash is already in the Tusky nightly. You can use it until Tusky 6 is released. Tusky 6 beta will start in about a week.
2. The polls feature is not even a in a Mastodon release candidate yet, maybe wait before running it in production?
3. No Mastodon does not coordinate such breaking changes with app devs.

Submitted my talk on how to do open-source Android development to Droidcon Berlin 🤞

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You can't be a rich person and a good person at the same time.

It was a highly requested feature and today it is finally coming to nightly thx to amazing @charlag: List editing! 🎉

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