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Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

Tried to implement the blurhash feature in , only managed to murder performance and get a single color out of it. Did you try it already

oh they are saying they will comply to GDPR as if its something impressive

also please stop selling stuff as "Android features" when the damn code is proprietary D:

ahhhhhh effing Google nobody wants privacy settings or incognito mode, just don't collect any data by default ok

watching and its just... people cheering at surveillance capitalism propaganda

The best thing about compiling Tusky releasenotes is writing the contributors section. Im always like 😲🤯 wow so many people why are they this awesome 😍🤗

• German translation messes up poll results

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Known bugs I will fix before the final 7.0 release:
• there are weird things happening with the bot overlay, sometimes it shows as if its a boost
• the poll options don't support the emoji fonts
• anything else?

Providing nightly builds was really an awesome idea. Bugs are found way sooner

Nightly users, dod you notice any performance problems recently?

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How to create #polls that allow multiple choices, on #Mastodon web?

1. click on a circle (radio button) of a choice
2. Then it will become a square


#mastodon #poll #tips

Known bugs with polls:

- sometimes it crashes when voting (can't reproduce yet)
- its still possible to vote on closed polls when they come from the cache

Anything else I need to fix?

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Google headlining “Digital Wellbeing” festival, major whitewashing of surveillance capitalism going on right now.

If you want to help me call bullshit on this on birdsite, RTs etc. welcome:

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google #FuckGoogle #whitewashing #privacywashing #privacy #HumanRights

Coming to nightly today: poll notifications

This is already kinda a release candidate as I will not adding any more features for Tusky 7, so please test and report me all the bugs.

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