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lmao our far-right government imploded in 24h 馃槀 馃帀

I have 4 Android devices but I fail to reproduce this
Any hints very appreciated

Yes in the drop downs have the wrong color. I upgraded the material library in the wrong way 馃檮, will fix soon. sry

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Mastodon/glitch-soc privacy issue PSA 

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7 released!

Tusky (A multi account client for the social network Mastodon) -

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If you are in Vienna you might be interested in joining the first meeting of a new #FDroid user-group tomorrow 18:30 at @metalab

All details on:

Some crashes only uncover once the app is fully rolled out. From the stacktrace it looks like there are polls floating around that have no enddate set. Anybody has an example of those and how do create one?

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okay I get it it was once useful for Browsers. But there is no excuse for using it in serverside stuff 嗖燺嗖

Lol who actually thought JavaScript was a good idea 馃檲馃が

So thats of course only what I will be doing, im sure other contributors will add more awesome things.
And yes, animated avatars will be configurable and off by default.

So, the full plan for 8 is:
鈥 fix them bugs
鈥 fix more bugs
鈥 refactor the shit out of that old codebase
鈥 fix even more bugs
鈥 animate avatars
鈥 i guess some bugfixing won't hurt

For 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

opened @fdroidorg merge request 鉁
uploaded to GitHub 鉁
uploaded to Google Play 鉁
uploaded to Amazon 鉁

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We're starting a user-group! 馃帀 Feel free to join us next week at my local hackerspace in Vienna, Austria. Save the date: 14.5. 18:30 !@metalab

All details on:

7 tomorrow. Thx for the testing, this could be one of the most stable releases ever 馃

Is it possible to get statuses from the Mastodon api that don't have their visibility set? 馃

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