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Submitting talks to conferences always seems like a good idea until they get accepted and suddenly turn into a lot of work xD

Ouch @fdroidorg
How is a user supposed to tell the two apps apart. This makes 0 sense.

Also you have a bug that shows the weirdest languages but not one I understand (would try to fix but have no time sry)

Oh my talk that got rejected at Berlin has been accepted in

ok looks like its a problem with the instance im using, it now returns 500 errors everywhere

So unlike Mastodon, Pleroma actually returns a refresh_token on oauth, but how do I use it? All I managed is getting 500 server errors 馃檮

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ELI5: adding the @Tusky nightly repository to F-Doid and getting it to work

I should make an art account, shouldn't i

One of my favourite pigments is graphite. Cheap, super lightfast, available as watercolor, acrylics and oilcolor, not really black but still good for dark stuff. And if you apply it thickly it glitters :3

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Give a person software, and infuriate them for a day.
Teach a person to create their own software, and infuriate them for the rest of their life.

I know there are more important things to code, but I managed to get the memory footprint of my SparkButton down another 7% 馃槄

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At work I switched to the Webdev team for some days. Well, I won't complain about Androiddev for a while now 馃槄

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So if we add a "always expand all content warnings" option to #Tusky, should it be a general option (applies to all accounts) or an account setting (can be customized for each account you are logged in with)?

I just bought oil color for 1鈧 per milliliter 馃憖
I really really really need that pigment though

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