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Thank you for the stickers, and inviting me to join working with @Tusky à year ago, @ConnyDuck

I love working with you! 💞

Tusky stickers will show up at #ActivityPubConf!

Creating polls is probably the highlight, but the new search and the "always expand content warnings" are also pretty cool

I wish I could release 9 already! So many cool new features and improvements

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What server software do you use #Tusky with?

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Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

1400 lines of code added to enable poll creation in Tusky. Thought it would be easier.

This poll was created with

What poll duration options should be available when creating a poll?

Software License Question 

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What's your favourite #Tusky theme?

Oh, found another undocumented Mastodon api 🙄

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Not wanting to deal with the constant stream of shit, insecurity and hostility that comes from bigots is not a free speech issue, no matter how much they cry about it.

No one is obligated to listen your hate, intolerance and dickheadedness.

There are consequences to acting like a straight up asshole all the time. Stop crying and grow up.

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