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tfw you code something complicated and it works without problems on the first try

Found on : Aurora Droid, an alternative Client for Fdroid. Has some usability problems but wow looks so much better than the official F-Droid client

I created an easy way to customize a build since it was requested by instance admins.
Please have a look and give me feedback.
@jaz @inditoot

Ah ok, looks like Gitea is the way to go. What if I don't want to admin a server myself? Any good services for that?

Oh GitHub is being very shitty again? I should finally move my code somewhere else 🤔
Whats the easiest way of getting my own Gitlab instance? Or are there better alternatives?

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Actually I think I will make @connyduck my account. I started by posting sunflowers 🌻

Can you send my Pixelfed acc some notifications please?

Wow it was indeed a bug in AndroidX 😳
And looks like it is getting fixed, so in app language switching will stay in Tusky ☺️

Coming to nightly today thx to @ars42525: Scheduling toots!

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I changed the font in Android Studio and its like a new life

aha, its still there, just not on the mobile layout 🧐

Has the Mastodon version been removed from the /about page? This was always nice to quickly check which version a server is running, doing it over the api is way more complicated when on a smartphone.

Working on 9.1 which will be 100% compatible with 3.0 and faster than Tusky 9.

Its about 2 years since I took over development

Plans for are being made.
Here is what is currently on the list:
Anything else you think should really be in the next big release?

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