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Damn cute @Tusky stickers can (soon) be found at the decentralized sticker exchange boxes.

Also, I have some with me - just ask for them :)

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@melunaka @ConnyDuck yep :)
they're somewhere at the Aaaaaaaa Assembly at the moment
I'll have some distributed to tye sticker exchanges, and will keep some on me just in case ;)

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Nicht vergessen, heute ab 21:00 Uhr halte ich auf der einen Talk über die Rosa Listen, eine tragische Geschichte einer Vorratsdatenspeicherung.

So I spend all day lying in bed which was great, but also sucks because there is like 10000 things I wanted to do before I have to go back to wagework and looks like I will manage like 3

The display cable has a loose connection and everytime I handle the notebook too rough I have to unplug and reattach it 🙄🙄
And the damn macbooks only open with special screwdrivers that are at home 🙄🙄🙄

Wanted to get some coding done during the holidays but my notebook broke again >_>

Coming to nightly today: Implementation of the identity proof api. (this means you can see verifications in user profiles now)
And also a load of fixes for bugs that where introduced with the latest changes.

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Following last years tradition we'll have a #fdroid meetup at #36C3 on the day 1 at 1400.
Last year we had a room with 12 seats and 60 minutes, this year we'll have a lot more space at #cbase and 90 minutes 🙂.

There will be lots of stickers. See you all there.

Oh no, is shutting down 😭
Have you considered looking for a new admin?
@pfigel @Support

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⛔️ Instance Shutdown Notice ⛔️ 

@charlag yes, but the app is quite large and it needs to handle payments

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OMG, die @Tusky Sticker sind mega cute - und ich hatte noch einen genau passenden Spot am Laptop dafür frei 🙊😻

Now there is only smallish stuff missing for , maybe we can still get it out this year :yayblob:

Lines of code changed: 3150
Changes noticeable by users: almost none
Still worth it because with the cleaner Kotlin code it will be way easier to fix bugs and add new features.

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