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Finally managed to get below 1000 crashes 馃帀
And that with more users than ever 馃槏

Hello @fdroidorg do you accepts apps that are licensed under the Non-Violent Public License? Your inclusion policy is not entirely conclusive on this matter, but I would guess no?

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Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy

Color Palette: Ultramarine, Quinacridone Magenta, Cadmium Yellow

Watercolor Painting, 30x40 cm

Wow when did I schedule that toot, thx for the reminder past Conny! You failed mentioning the right account though

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Maybe I should post some teasers to put some pressure on myself to actually finish them 馃憖

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I have two projects that I am working on for over a year now. One is an art project, the other one a software project.

New PR: Add a badge to show the date a user joined
I am not sure if I like it
Thoughts? @charlag @maloki @Tak

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Pixelfed is down but I want to post 馃槶

Ah replacing the content view with the fragment works. You just have to know that it has the id 馃

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Android Dev question: What is the easiest way to show an Fragment in an Activity? The Activity does not need to do anything else, I feel like inflating a layout just to set the fragment in it is already overkill.

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#Tusky 11 is out since a few days. This time we did not make big changes, but quite a lot of polishing and some small new features, most of which can be toggled with a setting:
- Notifications about new follow requests when your account is locked
- disable swiping between tabs
- show a confirmation dialog before boosting a toot
- show link previews in timelines

And the freeze peaches from gab are still whining its hilarious

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Also they demand to see their posts metrics to measure their impact?驴?

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