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The newest has support for account notes. Please test them and tell me what you think!

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apparently, the reason why @Tusky was succumbing to Unicode Bidi exploits (e.g. forcing text outside of usernames, etc. to display right-to-left) was not because they weren't trying to do things right, but because Google's Unicode implementation is just wrong. huge thanks to @Tak for fixing it in the code after I helped point out how to fix this!

What is a good "save on server" icon? Please don't say floppy disk. I'm asking for the account note feature that I am adding to .

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I hate job ads that don't say what the product is they are developing. Yeah nice tech stack and fancy buzzwords but what if they are building surveillance stuff or worse?

Looking for a good image-picking library to use in
The one currently in use looks pretty, but does not work on all devices and is unmaintained (still not on AndroidX)
Anyone got any recommendations?

New painting video! This time with oil paint. 馃帹馃枌锔忦煠

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We just published our 4th release, with a *lot* of changes and improvements.

Go read the changelog and get the APK here:

Send us feedback: open an issue, use the newly integrated crash report utility if you manage to make it crash, or send us a toot on here!

Also check out @ConnyDuck 's Pixelcat, which is already looking great 鉂わ笍

Ok its not that fancy. But its better than that scrolly interface in Tusky.

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wow can now do trailing commas? Nice this already saved me time and I didn't even notice

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@ConnyDuck @pixelfed @Mastodon @crossgolf_rebel and for all those early birds who want to try this early (ahem, ahem) bird (?) but also get updates ASAP without actively looking for them everyday, there's鈥 wait (still syncing)鈥 ah, there's:

Yay! 馃帀

(Couldn't resist a manual sync, didn't want to let you wait :awesome:)

Given my current speed with the project that might take some time, since I will definitely not abandon Tusky and I have other hobbies like painting as well.
But now it is public and you can help! How? Download the first build and give me feedback:
Read the contribution guidelines and get in touch with me if you can contribute code!
馃А 鉂わ笍

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So the plan is to implement all the features listed in the repo readme and publish dev snapshots as often as possible. Once thats done there will be a public beta release on @fdroidorg and Google Play.
Note: The dev snapshots will not feature database migrations and thus will need fresh installs to work.

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Pixelcat is 100% written in Kotlin and utilizes coroutines for async stuff. I tried to write super readable and concise code but I don't know whether I achieved that. Its now only about 10k lines of code which is not much imho.

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