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There was a very disoriented Ladybird in our flat, we helped it outside. A day later we found it again on our apple tree and thought it was laying eggs, but turns out it is a zombie infested by a parasitic wasp. 🤯

It always was the super customizable Fedilab vs the rather simple Tusky, but then the Mastodon App came along and now people are talking about the customizable Tusky

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It is safe to just use WebP on Webpages these days, right? No more jpg fallback required like it was a few years ago?

Mastodon bug I'd really like to see fixed because it makes apps unusable for some users:

photo editing 

Anyone here into photo editing? How would you edit this one? I'm struggling very much with it.

I may still decide to rework some smaller areas, but the most work is definitely done. Now it has to dry a few months and then it will get a varnish and a frame. And hopefully I find someone who wants to have it because I got no space for it 😅

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Some oil paint is transparent and quite dark straight from the tube, so I need to add white to it. For this I use Tinting white because it does not overpower the color and make it look chalky like Titanium white can do.

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I got a brand new MacBook Pro at work and holy shit it is fast. How could I ever live with 16gb Ram.

So support has been in nightly for a while now, how is it going?

Cobalt Turquoise Light is the most beautiful color ever nobody can convince me otherwise

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Im in need of some spare cash so im gonna open up 3-5 slots for simple pet portrait for 100€ each. Would anyone be interested? (As in you *are* able to pay for this)

If enough ppl are interested ill make a more detailed post w more info etc. Here are some examples:

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We're currently running our first crowdfunding campaign, and will be talking about it a little bit extra this first month, as we've just launched on Open Collective!

We've already raised over €200, and we're happy to announce that donations up to a total of €500 will be matched at the end of the month this first month!

So, if you're considering to donate, but are worried about if you can make a big enough impact worry not! A €5 donation will turn into €10 etc.

Thank you to our matchers, who we're keeping anonymous, but we expect that if they want to make themselves known they will before the month is over!

#OpenCollective #GoToSocial #Crowdfunding

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