Some of you might know that is working on a new for called . While this new browser is supposed to fully replace for Android at some point, there are no definite plans to include add-on support at this point - it's only being considered for a future release. What!? Why would you abandon one of your core features which differentiates Firefox from all (!) the other browsers on Android? (German Fenix FAQ)

@CryptGoat I think they will implement it before it replaces Firefox. Something like Web Extension Support isn't done easily. I'm looking forward for Fenix though.

I've been trying hard for the last couple of weeks to get back on something Firefox-based. It's simply pointless. They have so many Android browsers now, and literally every single one is crap.

No idea how much mismanagement has to go on to make an organisation of this size fail so hard.

@sturmflut @CryptGoat Just choose the one you like.

Why is it bad to have multiple browsers? It's good to have choice…

@CryptGoat Actually, as the FAQ should have told you, they likely just implement it later on. And until then, you can just continue using FF for Android.

Also the migration from FF for Android will not start until there is feature parity, so you loose nothing. You just have to wait a little longer,… Those, who do not need that feature just get the product faster.
And you take it, when it's ready… 😉

"Will look at it for further versions" is kinda vague. Even the FAQ states that this feature is only being considered and not definitely planned.

There already is barely any feature progress in Firefox for Android and it won't become better once the first releases of Fenix are around.

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