will be shutting down several of their services - here is why:

Thanks for all the love, time, money and hard work your have put into your projects @Framasoft 🤗

@masterofthetiger @CryptGoat As mentionned in the article, we shut down over a long period of time to organize redirections towards trusted Free-libre hosters (such as CHATONS). Our services landing pages will thus become redirection pages to sames services on more decentralized places.

In the end, shut down services will be available... just one click further ;).

@Tealk @CryptGoat @digitalcourage

A lot of CHATONS hosters provides framapic-like services : :)

(sorry, in french for the moment. We're working on this)

No, not the framabag :(. Still, I understand. Keep on with your good work 👍
@Tealk @CryptGoat @digitalcourage

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