related questions:
How are you using it in your organization? Do you only use the web interface or are you using other (web)clients to interact with the calendar? How do you manage events that should be visible to everyone? Do you have any best practice recommendations for small organizations?

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@CryptGoat I hope it is ok to explain how we used it in the studentsunion. DAVX for android offers a solution to use it with simple calender or any other calendar that can use WebDAV. We had an account with meetings for everyone and if there were workgroups we made an extra calwnder for these groups. Since it was connected to one account you could easily add them to the synced calenders. DAVx would even support multiple accounts

@CryptGoat @jr we have one calendar for each team, all of them are shared with all employees, we subscribe using Thunderbird to all of them plus we have our own private calendar that is not shared with anyone.

@CryptGoat we only ever used via thunderbird and davx5, nobody really used the webapp. We started with a shared calendar (for a small team of ~10 people). That turned out to be a major hassle very fast, then we switched to scheduled events with invitations for all related parties. There was still a shared calendar for X is on vacation from $day to $day2. (The shared calendar was still a bit annoying to manage though.)

@CryptGoat We use DavX5 for Android and DAV on Thunderbird. There is a shared calendar that is readable and writeable for all nc users.

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