based on alias the latest for has arrived! Trackers have been removed, "about:config" is available. The version has not been marked as recommended yet, so you have to download and install manually. Thanks to relan, @Bubu and all who have made this possible. 🥳

Ça fait vraiment longtemps que j'utilise fennec. Jamais déçu.

@CryptGoat @Bubu
Am I correct, that it is only available for ARM-64?
Will support for other platforms be added later?

Thank you all for building this app.

@clim_risk @CryptGoat armv7 will be build later. Other architectures are currently not supported.

@CryptGoat @Bubu this may be a stupid question, but... will the upgrade preserve my open tabs?

Than you all for your work!

@fgaz @Bubu @CryptGoat
Not always at least. The add-ons you installed will be limited to the recommended add-ons. They are adding more to those after checking the compatibility with web extension apis they plan to support for mobile.

But this is a much needed update to keep up with security fixes. Check out components used to build this at which will help other devs to build browsers/browser like apps.

@CryptGoat @Booteille
question naive peut-être, mais qu'est ce qui explique l’existence encore d'"antifonctions" signalés sur F-droid ?

@lotfi Pour ce qui est du tracking c'est sans doute lié au fait que les librairies ont été remplacées par des fictives mais sont probablement quand même détectées comme étant des librairies de traçage par FDroid.

@CryptGoat @Bubu


Be careful when using about:config. AFAIK it's not made available on the standard releases because some of it is buggy and could break firefox completely.

@dreeg @CryptGoat @Bubu it always could break your FF if you don't know what you do, that's why it warns you on desktop to not use it

@jr @CryptGoat @Bubu

On desktop you can always reinstall or use a fresh profile to fix it.

I heard that since Android doesn't delete all the data associated with the app when you reinstall it, it could render the app unusable even after a reinstall.

I was not able to find where I heard that so maybe it's not correct.

Cool, though I find the simplicity and convenience of the #Klar build invaluable. 👍


@CryptGoat @Bubu and why exactly are we using the fennec_fdroid package? Wouldn't fenix_fdroid be the better choice?

@sp1rit @Bubu I guess so we could have a proper migration from the old Fennec.

@CryptGoat @Bubu Or just enable the "unstable updates" in the Expert-Settings of ;)

@CryptGoat @Bubu But the current version doesn't support my architecture: armeabi-v7a

Je comprend mais tout les navigateurs sur F-droid ne contiennenet pas cet avertissement. De plus, il est clairement dit d'éviter ce genre d'application si on a le choix d'une appli qui ne contient pas ces "Antifonctions"
"In our experience, where the upstream developer includes Non-Free libraries, sooner or later they will include more Non-Free libraries, or other Anti-Features. Frequently they become impossible to maintain/update in F-Droid. If there is an alternative, it is recommended that you avoid applications with this Anti-Feature if future updates are important to you." dixit F-droid

@CryptGoat @Bubu The moment my G*****-less Android device has been waiting for.

Can we find a way to create a Sync feature that works with Pale Moon?

This browser is also an exercise in resistance, but they could use some help making it happen.

What @CryptGoat said.
Thanks everybody for making the latest iteration of the most trustworthy open source web browser available. 👍

@CryptGoat @Bubu
Thank you!

Why are some extensions disabled?
Is there a way to activate them?

@ghsroighjlsdgjsplgnzm Not all APIs necessary for some add-ons are have been implemented yet. Thee are plans for the Nightly build of to have all add-ons available so I guess it's mostly a matter of time until more add-ons are available in . @Bubu

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