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I don't say goodbye to my headmaster at the end of the lesson. I say 'dah dah di di dit di di di dah dah'.

Super Mario Bros Theme on Musical Tesla Coils (Bobinas de Tesla) - youtube.com/watch?v=QM8_Pmcv9q

I can't believe I just read this. Show more

Just read the ISS has wifi. I'll have to try to receive that.

🎉 The last MPEG-2 patent has just expired. Time to party like it's 1996! 🥂🎊

Talking to each other is the 42 of society, you could say.

The solution to every big problem we humans face today is simple.

Talk to each other. And never stop doing so.

"Eine Gesellschaft, in der die materielle Entwicklung und der geistige Fortschritt Hand in Hand gehen, ist eine Gesellschaft, die sich wahrlich glücklich nennen darf."

— Dalai Lama, Ratschläge des Herzens

100 years ago, on this date, women got the right to vote in the UK.

A friend thinks about installing a mastodon instance on his server if it doesn't need to much ressources. How much ressources would he need?

Please recommend headphones with active noise cancellation. I'm currently using a studio monitor (Sony MDR-7506) and I'd like headphones which sound as good.

Try to spot everything wrong with this text in an English learning book from my school.

I've filled a whole page already.

It's kind of funny that it is 'on the plane' and 'on the internet', but 'in' in German. I could give a whole lot more prepositions that differ from German to English. :)

Maybe I'm too much of a language nerd?

That's what I'm always saying...

My English teacher brought me a newspaper today, so that I'm not bored :)

I don't want this smart home stuff.