I'd love a basic feature phones that offers:

– phone function
– mp3 player
– navigation maybe
– basic web browser to find out phone numbers and train connections
– bonus points for support of Signal and/o Telegram and tethering to a laptop

Should not have:

– short battery life (less than a day)
– social media stuff (please without twitter built in)
– a too high price tag

Any suggestions? I don't really need a smartphone and I get annoyed by the need to constantly recharge.

I'd <3 a retoot

Support for a messenger would be useful to cut down on phone costs.

Please also recommend if it only satisfies a couple of the listed requirements. :)

@DC7IA I feel like, as soon as you want a messenger (other than Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp), you're looking at a smartphone of some kind.

Good luck with your search, though - maybe one of the Nokia devices that now run KaiOS?

@bhtooefr As a matter of that, there is a project aiming to get Telegram to KaiOS.

@bhtooefr Also, the Nokia 8810 allows contact sync via iCal, as I just figured out using Google translate and a mobile phone website from Poland. That's very handy. :)

@bhtooefr KaiOS looks promising, but I don't like the Nokia 8110. It just looks as if the sliding cover could easily break. And the other phones are not available outside India...

@DC7IA @bhtooefr

from distant memory this was also a flaw of the original (and a big reason why this design and flip phones fell out of fashion in the first place..)

@vfrmedia @bhtooefr It is not a flip phone, it has a sliding cover. That I could remove, but it has a switch to turn the screen on and off.

@DC7IA I'd recommend a Galaxy S3 LTE with linage OS. The battery problem can be solved with a second one and a standalone charger. Every other point besides not being a feature phone is met.

@Bobo_PK No, I specifically want a phone that is able to do less to keep myself from distractions.

@DC7IA If you're okay with waiting a little bit and don't mind smaller projects, you can check out the Lightphone II.

It's a kickstarter project for a phone that does most of what you want.

@paladin1 Until now I had only heard about their first phone. That looks really promising. I miss Telegram a bit, but (maybe) having directions is great. :)

@DC7IA I would probably get their upcoming model myself were I not tethered to an online calendar and voip service.

@paladin1 It does not say that they will not implement a calendar. The phone runs a customised version of Android, so I bet you could just install one yourself. Also, I wonder why there hasn't been anything like that yet.

@DC7IA My best bet would be to get an Android smartphone that fits your hardware requirements and is easily flashable. Then I would install a tool meant for managing business phones or children's phones and lock it down to your needs.

I believe every phone that would fullfill all your specific needs would be either that or an instable self-built thing that won't be very sustainable.

@vollkorn I could still get a better battery-life thorugh using a feature phone.

@DC7IA @vollkorn What I'm trying to say is: IMHO featurephone means "doesn't run java/android" and maybe also "doesn't have a large screen, which sucks energy", but you want apps who need both, which is a very tough thing to melt together.


Well, I do not even need a colour screen. Just having a screen with like a Kindle would be enough. I could still play mp3's and write text. Battery-life is much more important to me than...well, most things.

@DC7IA Then I suggest you drop Android-depending requirements like signal or telegram and take one of the many feature phones on the market.

@vollkorn Nah, then I'd need to pay for messages and don't have a way to continue my coversation on the Thinkpad.


definition of what I am looking for:

- no Social Media
- no Email
- alarm clock
- calendar, maybe with sync to my nextcloud
- contacts (nextcloudm too?)

nice to have list: basic browser to find out phone numbers, Signal, Telegram, train connections, torch, mp3 player

Before I give up my nice to have list I want to see if I can find the right device.

@DC7IA I believe this is mostly a business problem: Why should e.g. telegram or signal build a client for a proprietary OS and distribute it in a low customer app store? And maybe even redesign the UI for very small screen.

Interesting topic though and I'd wish for a larger variety of devices on the market.

@DC7IA Really, an old Android phone with Custom Rom support and without an easily accessible App Store (so that you can update your apps, but aren't tempted to try out new apps) is your best bet. Lineage (maybe with microG and the F-Droid Store) might work, and recent versions have a so called greyscale "reader mode" that makes your phone way less engaging. With less screen on time and limited apps that constantly drain your battery, a smartphone can easily last longer than a day.

@1peter10 Feature phones could last a week, easily. Why would I need microg..? I don't see a reason for that.

@DC7IA I thought of microG for Signal, but since I stopped using Signal a long time ago, Googles push service may no longer be necessary.
The problem with feature phones is that they often have subpar web browsers and mapping solutions. Afaik what you want does not really exist. I do believe it is easier to take a smartphone and remove "functionality" than to try to do it the other way around.

@1peter10 No, microg is not needed. Signal checks if Google stuff is available on the phone and then does it on its own.

@DC7IA The Doogee S80 for example would probably give you more than a day. Although it's a smartphone and not a feature phone.

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