Has anyone seen my Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/EU flag I have hung up at the nordics assemly to make it visible? They're missing and now there's only a graffiti 'no flags'. Please help!

@DC7IA There are people here who dislike nations enough to steal/destroy flags. You chances are sadly minimal.

@BioHackerBI @DC7IA Thats not a very "be excellent to each other" attitude. Dislike of a nation is no excuse for causing harm to a fellow congress attendee.

@irl @BioHackerBI Yes and it is not about nations, the flags were only used to indicate where the nordic hackerspaces are.

@DC7IA @irl @BioHackerBI
why not make a sign "nordic hackerspace"? flags indicate that just people of a certain nationality meet in that area. use of nation flags will allways be a controversially topic on ccc, especially in times of spreading nationalisme in europe. Not to take this in account and just teary-eyed comment about the loss of your flag is a bit sad and naiv. "be exellent to each other" maybe doesn't include hanging up flags of colonising nations...

@Techpandroid @DC7IA @irl @BioHackerBI Or maybe take out your grievances on those you have them with, and not on symbols and/or completely unrelated people and/or stuff.

@BioHackerBI @DC7IA @irl
a flag and a person, which hangs it up in an shared space like is pretty much related to everything i just wrote...

@Techpandroid @BioHackerBI @DC7IA @irl So if I were to find the Deutschland Verrecke flag and steal it, that'd be okay?

Because it seems stealing flags that sympolize things you don't agree with is okay.

@BioHackerBI @DC7IA @irl
did you see one or is it theoretical?

i totally agree with "deutschland verrecke" but i wouldn't hang it up @ 35c3, cause it seems to be very controversial and not a community-building tool, which i would want @ 35c3 ... and i wouldn't be winey about on social media, if somebody took it down....

@Techpandroid @BioHackerBI @irl Did you know that it is possible to ignore opinions you don't share instead of destroying? There's no need to become evil if you see evil.

@DC7IA @irl @BioHackerBI
is something else missing? then i would feel really sorry, that somtething like this would happen to you @ such a nice community event like 35c3. but with the flags i just have another opinion then you, like it seems, but that in itself is no trolling, i made an argument, which is important to me.

@Techpandroid @DC7IA @irl Your argument seems to be that nobody is allowed to have property rights to things you don't agree with.

@BioHackerBI @DC7IA @irl
my argument was super obviously concentrated on nation flags in a public community space like 35c3. so i think you didn't catch the structur of my argument. i think there is a signifacant difference between the meaning of a nations flag, and iphone or a metallica t-shirt. so you can keep a lot of property, i don't agree with.

@Techpandroid @DC7IA @irl

Im just glad you didn't see my backpack. It, and the bullet hole in it, is from my Army days, and it has a lot of sentimental value to me. But there's a Bundesdienstflagge and my old rank on it, so I guess it'd have been stolen. Without the contents, if I was lucky.

@Techpandroid @irl @BioHackerBI It is trolling to tell me that I must not feel bad and sad when someone steals my stuff. Can't even afford gerting new flags. Now the flags don't connect people any longer. It brought some Swedish learners there so they could practice. If you think learning and speaking a learning is nationalism then you should go to stone age and just shout without words. Your comments are utterly unhelpful.

@DC7IA @irl @BioHackerBI
oh i totally agree, that learning languages is a great thing, and i am happy that it took place. i just prefere a sign that says "nordics hackerspace - languages spoken: swedish, xy, az, ..." but i think you don't want to geht my point. sorry that something vauable for you was taken away from you! i just hoped you would get, that nation flags in our time are maybe not an inocent sign of connection , like you meant it. and i get, why people don't have that feeling...

@DC7IA is it the same style/colour as the "Free Beer" Graffiti?
Afaik that person has been identified.

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