I do not think twitter.activitypub.actor is a good idea, nor that the Twitter cross poster is a good idea. Let your Twitter past die. Kill it if you have to.

@Gargron Twitter is my present and future - why would I want it to die? I agree about the activitypub actor - please keep Twitter separate, it serves an entirely different purpose. Cross-posters are half-decent if implemented properly though


@vanyasem @Gargron I find it actually useful that I can click on the link and read the profile. So I know who they're mentioning. Much less effort than searching for that user on twitter.

@DC7IA @Gargron I would like to agree with you, but I just can't trust a guy holding a fucking antenna with a unicorn in the name xD no offence intended

@vanyasem @Gargron Hey, what've you got against unicorns? :D

(And where do you see an antenna?)

@DC7IA oh lol i guess that's an old profile pic of yours still cached on my instance. it's just so funny that they face the same direction xD

@vanyasem Oh, did not even see that!

Yes, the picture has been changed months ago. :)

@DC7IA well i am a horrible admin - i don't really give a fuck about my instance. i am the only user left here as i banned everyone else for personal reasons

leave me alone i'm just a kid xD

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