Just found found a Danish sim card which will soon be deactivated.

+45 7166 2638

Send me one of these old-fashioned texts. :D

I will receive them on an old Nokia phone (Nokia 3210).

I might post them here also. :)

(Also, feel free to send silent messages or to try to intercept messages if you have SS7 access. [Which you probably always wanted to do if you have access.)

"You need a webcam for the phone. [something which cannot be displayed]"

I would do that. However, I need to press a button to see the message.

"Does it know the Euro symbol yet €"

Apparently it does. Released in 1999, it was the first commercially successful phone without an external antenna. In 1999 we already knew the Euro was about to come. :)

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"

Shakespeare is always a good idea. :D

"Hello, this is 1999. We'd like our phone back."

Come and fetch it... Wait, you do not have time machines in 1999. :p

"When this phone was released blink182 also released their famous album "Enema of the state""

Just received a message which cannot be displayed.

Try again. :D

(German mobile phone number ending 46)

"Robert"); DROP cellphone ON floor;--"

Query OK, 1 Floor has been destroyed.

"*sends a text from Scotland fast before we fall out of the EU and lose roaming* HEWWO"

We will miss you!

Just received a message which cannot be displayed.

Try again. :D

(German mobile phone number ending 46)


"help i'm trapped in an old Nokia phone! please help quickly or the snake will eat me! oh no g2g, it has grown again"

Oh no :O

"this may sound awkward-but i know not only me who still have old fashioned texts in their production deployed :D"

This sounds awkward.

Got one in Danish :D

"Godnat og sov godt!"

[Good night and sleep well!]

Mange tak, det samme!

[Thanks, same!]

"Hi Joshua greets from Suffolk, England from a 2008? era ac"

"*Blackberry device - Alex (@vfrmedia)"

Hi Alex o/

I do know that Suffolk is in England. :)

Have a good evening.

"This might cost me fees but... Hi Nokia!"

Nokia say hello! Nokia be happy people like it again after 20 years.


(Also, I do not post your phone numbers. I just delete them immediately, I have only space for a some texts.)

"How about à beer ?"

I don't drink alcohol, but I always fancy a cup of tea. My favourite is Yorkshire Gold (with milk, of course).

What do you think? :)

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@DC7IA boo "Response disabled, because only messages to U.S. & Canada are supported"

@kai wtf. What sort of provider is this? Only two countries..?!

@kai Wow, would not have expected this. :D

I would instead send you one, but no balance on that sim. And the 0 button does not work that well, so it is a pain to type space... :D

@flo Hab es gerade vom Netzteil genommen und ist ausgegangen, erst Mal wieder anstöpseln.... :D

@DC7IA die 😺 fehlt noch :(
Gab es denn nicht mal Zeichenmatsch?

@DC7IA emoji, I suspect (these Chinese-style ones…)

@noiob Just send something else, if you like. I will post it anonymously (as I don't know who sent it :D)

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@DC7IA sent from this beauty that for some reason still kept the time without a battery for months… or it got a time signal from the network? is that a thing?

@noiob Yes, the networks transmit the time to the phone. :)

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@daniel_bohrer @DC7IA using an old Nokia vor transfering from PC with a hacky editor

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@daniel_bohrer @DC7IA
Some very interesting fields, also the possibility to send short MIDI segments as ringtones. Had a lot of fun playing around with QuickBasic and a Nokia phone on a serial port :)

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@DC7IA BTW this is the Blackberry, its somewhat battle scared and not the best build quality (I fat fingered the first text as well as the keys are quite small)

There are also quite a few places called Suffolk in the USA including an entire "Suffolk County", which keeps turning up when I do searches for transport related stuff (although in the case of my text I expect the +447********* number might have been a giveaway as to correct location 😉 )

@vfrmedia Yeah, I know most European (+ UK :p) country codes.

@DC7IA Image description:

An old Nokia mobile phone with monochrome display and t-9 keyboard displaying the text "Let's switch to Signal [url]".

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