Just found found a Danish sim card which will soon be deactivated.

+45 7166 2638

Send me one of these old-fashioned texts. :D

I will receive them on an old Nokia phone (Nokia 3210).

I might post them here also. :)

(Also, feel free to send silent messages or to try to intercept messages if you have SS7 access. [Which you probably always wanted to do if you have access.)

"You need a webcam for the phone. [something which cannot be displayed]"

I would do that. However, I need to press a button to see the message.

"Does it know the Euro symbol yet €"

Apparently it does. Released in 1999, it was the first commercially successful phone without an external antenna. In 1999 we already knew the Euro was about to come. :)

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"

Shakespeare is always a good idea. :D

"When this phone was released blink182 also released their famous album "Enema of the state""

Just received a message which cannot be displayed.

Try again. :D

(German mobile phone number ending 46)

"Robert"); DROP cellphone ON floor;--"

Query OK, 1 Floor has been destroyed.

"*sends a text from Scotland fast before we fall out of the EU and lose roaming* HEWWO"

We will miss you!

Just received a message which cannot be displayed.

Try again. :D

(German mobile phone number ending 46)


"help i'm trapped in an old Nokia phone! please help quickly or the snake will eat me! oh no g2g, it has grown again"

Oh no :O

Got one in Danish :D

"Godnat og sov godt!"

[Good night and sleep well!]

Mange tak, det samme!

[Thanks, same!]

"Hi Joshua greets from Suffolk, England from a 2008? era ac"

"*Blackberry device - Alex (@vfrmedia)"

Hi Alex o/

I do know that Suffolk is in England. :)

Have a good evening.

"This might cost me fees but... Hi Nokia!"

Nokia say hello! Nokia be happy people like it again after 20 years.


(Also, I do not post your phone numbers. I just delete them immediately, I have only space for a some texts.)

"How about à beer ?"

I don't drink alcohol, but I always fancy a cup of tea. My favourite is Yorkshire Gold (with milk, of course).

What do you think? :)

"Adding US as country of origin... ;) -- @luzifer"

Acutually, you're 2nd. :)

"I like "Russian Earl Grey" by Lipton."

Oh, I guess I should give it a try. :)

"G'nite, it's been fun !"

Good morning! Yes. Yes it was. :)

It still is.

"Hello from Russia, old Nokia."

Hello Russia! (✿◠‿◠)

"Greetings from the island Fehmarn. 73 DO5DOS"

Hello o/

Greetings from somewhere in the middle of Germany :)

"Hallo. Wie geht's? Ich möchte Deutsch lernen. Ich spreche bereits Englisch, Französisch und Slowakisch. (That's all my German exhausted :D)"

Hallo! Keep learning. :)

Ich kann dir nicht antworten. No balance on the sim card.


"Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and deser you
Never gonna make you cry"

Sounds nice.

"Just wanted to say hello ;) Oh, and don't drop your phone, the floor will thank you..."

Hi there o/

"DC7IA de SM0RVV = ur rprt 599 = Name Erik es QTH Jarfalla = hw? DC7IA de SM0RVV k"

Hi @SM0RVV, ur rprt is 599, tnx fer cross mode QSO. 73 DC7IA sk

"As a counter to the Scottish person before me: Here's a message from a country still hoping to join the EU, roaming be damned!"

Hello Bosnia-Herzegovina! o/

Fun fact: You can join the European Roaming even before you become member already! Norway and Iceland are not member states, but they joined the European Economical Area (EEA).

"We've hacked your mobile phone! You've got one hour to tell a person to drink enough and smile before we will send an anonymous hug."

Please drink enough and smile! :O

"Good evening from Vienna. Thanks for the nice idea 🙂

From Rumo @wap42

Good evening! o/

The phone's battery died. No more Nokia to Mastodon hand-operated bridge. :/

(At least I can no longer turn on the phone.)

Found another Nokia phone. Stay tuned. :)

"Grüße aus Helsinki!"

[German: Greetings from Helsinki!]

I prefer Helsingfors. But thanks. :)

@utf8equalsX Yeah, but I have no idea if it is a good one. :O

@DC7IA Of course with an anonymous hug it is difficult to tell :o


this is quite a complicated phone number collection scheme you are running here

@zalandocalrissian I can only keep 20 (?) numbers anyway, can't store many texts on this phone.

@DC7IA I never owned a Nokia, mabye some Mastodon user could send you a charger ?

@DC7IA "It's been fun while it lasted" !
Best idea ever this SMS to Mastodon manual service 😍

@VoronoV I believe it could be the battery, not completely sure. It will turn on for half a second if I press the button while inserting the cable.

@DC7IA erinnert mich an "Akkupflegen" (komplett entladen und Vollladen um einen memory effect abzuwenden).

@holger Hmmm, es ist aber einen Tag lang am Kabel gewesen und will immer noch nicht...

@holger Hab mal eine LED drangeklebt... Wenn der dann leer ist, werde ich den wieder laden...

@2342 I am trying to charge, but it does not want to turn on.

@DC7IA Let it on charge the whole night. Maybe in the sink. May explode. :-)

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