The worst part of Android is updates.

I will come back as soon as I can easily have a Google-free phone without a lack of security updates because I rooted it to remove Google...

@DC7IA i can understand that some software services can't be free but google makes all so annoying

@Makno Basically all I need I can find on f-droid, but try to have a device free of Google and still get updates.. 🙄

@DC7IA @Makno I don't get why you can't get system updates without Google apps?

@utf8equalsX @Makno From the manufacturer. You just get messages like "This device's software has been modified. Please have a look at [website] to learn how to reset it to it's original state."

@DC7IA @Makno I would never rely on manufacturers for updates anyway. For me, their job is to produce the hardware, and I get my software from Lineage.

@utf8equalsX @Makno I could get some Lineage builds via some random forum posts, but I don't trust a random person to give me a "secure" OS.

@DC7IA @Makno If the Android build system wasn't as horrible as it is, you could build yourself. Well, I tried once and I failed

@utf8equalsX @Makno Not too complicated, but unfortunately I can't find any information or code for Android 9 and I don't want to rely on someone posting files on a forum.

@utf8equalsX @Makno I don't even want additional features, just security updates... ._.

@DC7IA @Makno As far as I know, some Lineage people are still backporting security patches to Lineage 14.1. So you could follow the hammerhead build guide, but I wouldn't recommend doing that for fun.

(Not like newer Android versions contain any new features anyway)

@utf8equalsX @Makno First I need to find a better internet connection, Ain't no fun downloading at 300 kB/s.

@DC7IA @Makno I do have a fast connection, but `repo sync` still took hours

@utf8equalsX @Makno I think it will be 250 GB. And I'm not sure how long 14.1 will receive security patches.

@DC7IA @Makno Me neither… Though I think nothing is preventing you from trying to compile the 15.1 branch for your device. Can't say how broken that would be though

@utf8equalsX @Makno

"The following branches can be used to build for the Google Nexus 5:



@DC7IA @Makno Note that this is automatically generated and I assume reflects all versions that were ever offically built for this device.


"fatal: manifest 'default.xml' not available
fatal: manifest default.xml not found"

@utf8equalsX Wait, I'm confusing the repos. So I need android first and then the hammerhead repo, right?

@DC7IA It looks like you have to download the whole of Lineage first, then the device-specific code. But I don't know more than you, I'm just looking at the build guide.

@utf8equalsX Yeah, which is somewhat confusing.

You're right. Building Android IS terrible.

@DC7IA The only good part about it is that it contains "breakfast" and "lunch" commands.

@utf8equalsX I like a good lunch.

Now repo sync is running. Looks like ~10 GB have to be transferred..?

Should take a few hours.

@utf8equalsX Too bad I can't just pause it so I can use the connection for something else. :D

@DC7IA Depending on your situation (e.g. if you want to close your laptop and / or switch networks), stopping the process (using C-z) and resuming it (using fg) might work for you.

@utf8equalsX Found a fork of Lineage OS and it still supports some devices abandoned by Lineage OS, including the Nexus 5. This will be my alternative if compiling goes wrong.

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