I just got an old iPhone 4s I want to use as an internet radio with a speaker (it still has a 30-pin connector).

Does anyone how if and how I can still get iOS 10 beta (a non-beta was not released)?

All of the radio apps require iOS 10 or newer.

@DC7IA This is a horrible situation to be in – and Apple is even telling developers that there is no need to support older iOS versions because everybody is on the latest one anyway (all whilst bashing Android).

@utf8equalsX Not really, if I search a bit more I might find an app running on iOS 9.3.5, but would be nice to use a better app. The only thing this old phone will be used for is as a radio, so I don't care if the software is old. I did not need to pay for it, so I'm happy. :)

@DC7IA The App Store could at least provide filters to only display compatible software.


@utf8equalsX I just tapped the install button on, like, 30 apps at once and a few installed after some seconds.

@DC7IA If that is a sufficient filter substitute for you…

@utf8equalsX Well, now I have a radio app and can listen to Cambridge105 using the dock connector on the old radio, which was my goal.

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