I care a lot about the planet, but there are some journeys I cannot practically make without using a car.
Sadly I can't afford to buy a brand new electric car (and keeping my current car is probably better for the environment anyway?)

So, I've just paid to offset my car based carbon using carbonfootprint.com

It's not perfect, but it's something.

My home electricity is 100% renewable and green thanks to octopus.energy




If you cannot replace it, simply keep your car. I am fortunate enough to not need one so a few years ago I decided to no longer own one. But not everyone can make every journey with busses and trains. But electric cars will become cheaper as adoption rates increase, so in a few years you can probably afford one. :)

@DC7IA that's my thinking too.

It's done 199k miles so far, and averages around 56mpg (over the last 2k miles) so I can't see that scrapping it (which it would be) and building a new car is better for the environment than driving it for maximum efficiency.


I've got no idea what 56 mpg are, but it surely can be improved by using trains when possible. Even if it is rarely and the nice thing is you can do what you like while travelling. :)

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