Next phone should be:

- 5" max
- good battery runtime
- dual sim or sim plus esim
- LineageOS for microg or pure AOSP support


Bonus points if it costs less than 200 euro. :D

@DC7IA I used to exclusively buy small phones until I gave that up with the last one. I still miss having a small phone sometimes.
Your best bet is probably the Xperia X Compact, if you want something really small (4,6").

@DC7IA Fairphone 3 ( but doesn't have the LineageOS port yet afaik but will soon support /e/ , Shift5me (, or something 2nd hand/refurbished? ( or other places). Fairphone 2 also supports lots of different os alternatives and fulfills all your conditions, and there's often somebody selling them in the forum:

other than that there's the Librem 5 ( but that doesn't have many features yet

@DC7IA You always make it difficult for cope with your demands. Good 5'' mobile phones are currently rare. Your suggestion - the google pixel 3 - also has more than 5''.

@DC7IA Last time I faced a similar question, I wrote a small tool ( to compare Lineage supported phones by features and size. The plot it outputs shows sizes of supported phones with a larger dot for my current (but out-of-support) 5.2" suzuran. It's a sad world for people who want phones and not phablets.

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