VPN on public wifis for normal users because of security is a dumb argument. We have TLS already.

And if you're worried about DNS information leaking, there's DNS over HTTPS (or short DoH).

Also, don't trust anyone who says "I will make everything more secure for free" (or a small amount).

Might as well just be the NSA trying to get you to give them all your traffic, for all we know.

@DC7IA You're still leaking which IP addresses you're connecting to, and domain names are leaked in plaintext even with TLS due to SNI.

@DC7IA except you dont want others to see to which IPs you connect (because they can leak the service)
But then use own VPN service that you trust and tunnels to a trusted connection

@DC7IA AND a lot of E-Mail Clients are still not encrypted.
Did you once sniffed the Air in a train with public wifi? Lots of Mails in there.

@DC7IA that would be more valid if TLS was used well often enough.

@DC7IA absolutely not. IP addresses and used protocols give away a lot of information about what you’re doing, lots of things are still often used unencrypted (HTTP, IMAP, IRC, Websockets come to mind), DoH is usually not on by default, many webservers and browsers use insecure TLS configurations. VPN in public wifis is extremely important unless you know exactly what you’re doing, which is never the case for „normal users“.

@DC7IA but i do agree that commercial VPN providers shouldn’t easily be trusted, especially not free ones.

@DC7IA I don't want my traffic to be routed in germany/europe. (Vorratsdatenspeicherung, IP-Leaks, etc.)

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