Audiokabel mit Gold-Steckern sind wie Schoko-Tafeln von glücklichen Milka-Kühen.

Man muss halt dran glauben.

Create a map of the countries you have been to and practice gratitude for being able to see the world. :D

Share your map!


(While we cannot travel like we used to, right now, we can still remember where we have been.)

There should be an API for logging into websites so I don't have to wait a couple of seconds for my password manager to auto fill.

Empfehlungen für günstige höhenverstellbare Schreibtische?


If you've used Twitter before using Mastodon, do you still use it?


Was habt ihr heute schon schönes gemacht?

Will IPv4 still be in use in the year 2100, ~79 years (and a bit) from now?


It took the United States of America 245 years to get a female and black vice president.

Both hasn't happend in all these years.

US election is over and Joe Biden is now the President-elect, according to Associated Press.

music industry: youtube-dl can be used to do illegal stuff!

me: web browsers can be used to do illegal stuff.

me: computers can be used to do illegal stuff

(don't tell them, want to keep my computer...)

Emails have to be plaintext.

HTML is the Hypertext Markup Language, not the Email Formatting Language.

Is there a way to upgrade the T430 to LTE?

3G will be switched off soon in Germany.

The winner of the US presidential election WILL be

(NOT asking for what you WANT):


I knew it.

GitHub is evil as well.
Centralisation is evil.

@fluxx Wir müssen endlich Software-Distribution via Torrent zum Standard machen.

webcam of the lightbulb installed in a fire department in 1901 (119 years old):

Email security is broken.

Do we have a real alternative to email?

How to get pictures from the International Space Station via amateur radio

Want to try it yourself? The European Space Agency has got you covered.

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