Private Internet Access (PIA VPN) is getting bought by Kape and the new owners have a shady past and have been known to sell user data.



Hatte Besuch von einem sehr alten Freund, iwie kam das Gespräch auf die . Er war der Überzeugung, diese würde diesem Land als Kontergewicht und der Demokratie gut tun.

War froh als er gegangen ist, er wird nie wieder die Whg. betreten und habe ihn überall geblockt!

So unbelehrbare wie @joost_timo feiern auch noch die Erosion der Privatsphäre und des .

Is #Microsoft #Windows the only operating system, where you need a specific installer to download the setup files to install a software?

"SMART (surveillance marketed as revolutionary technology)"

That's a great acronym!

"The Ethernet controller on the main SoC is connected to an external Broadcom PHY over a dedicated RGMII link, providing full throughput."

^ A Raspberry Pi (RPI4) worthy of #OPNsense.


#networking #infosec

Few minutes outside and I need a shower, again, 29°C at 08:20 AM it's .....

The lower upholstery side of a € 700 armchair is broken after 2 years. How good that I own a sewing machine. Does not look pretty, it is now fixed and stable.

Junge weibliche Menschen in der Strassenbahn werden von ekelhaften typen auf fuc..... bewertet. Gleich gibt es stress!

Family members have recently read security bulletins. o.0

And now I update all systems.

Sounds like a terrible idea privacy-wise (plane mode and your phone is still sending out beacons? Bad behavior IMO) twitter.com/zbendr/status/1135

A pure privacy smartphone, it's done \o/. No compromise in comfort, communication, but the battery lasts longer.

Bootmngr: TWRP
OS: Lineage without google apps
Apps: Fdroid

That's it


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