Eigentlich fand ich den Känguru-Kram ganz amüsant... Aber nein, die Zeit muss auch da natürlich Geld verlangen. Die ersten paar waren vor kurzem noch offen sichtbar, deshalb hatte ich das Lesezeichen angelegt...

Einer der größten Vorteile an großen Tassen ist, dass der Tee lange warm bleibt.

Einer der größten Nachteile an großen Tassen ist, dass der Tee lange ZU warm bleibt.

Ugh, I'm developing brand loyalty. My favorite phone manufacturer added smartwatches to their lineup, now I'm considering getting one for the first time in several years. And I'm still waiting for them to add some tablets, too...

Say, has anybody used Briar before? It sounds interesting, but I'd like to hear some second opinions before trying it out with my friends...


Wow. My fortune is so extraordinary, even my fortune cookie was empty!

Since I haven't touched a soldering iron or looked at a circuit diagram since school: Do you guys have recommendations for components, guides etc. for me to use? I'd like to get back into it a bit and thought this would be a good project to start.

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I used to use this app some years ago, when more of the features were still free: play.google.com/store/apps/det

It worked for me - so now, I'd like to basically build my own "sleep cycle aware alarm clock". The idea is to basically strap a motion sensor to my bed frame with velcro, send the data to a raspi since I have some spares, and then start playing music / adjusting the volume / adjusting some dimmable lights at the right moments.

(To clarify the "sucks" part: Creaky plastic joints. Everything else about this headset was GREAT, and I have yet to hear better sound in that price class - especially since I got it for 30€ back then.)

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Deliberately misquoted proverb of the day: "Tech sucks, and then it breaks."

This misquote is sponsored by the dying breath of my headset microphone. Rest in peace, Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1- you've been a faithful and great companion for about 15 years.

Linguistical pet peeve: Why do people insist on calling people/things "the best/greatest/<insert-superlative-of-choice> XYZ of ALL TIMES" when they obviously don't know the future... And keep contradicting themselves by reusing the same line about something/somebody else the next year? The best SO FAR is perfectly fine, way more believable, and doesn't smell of marketing bullshit NEARLY as much.

Does anybody know the status of wearables as an alternative to the corona app? I know there was some discussion about keychains etc. at some point, and I'd really like something better than "please allow a known unsecure access method on your multi-purpose-device in public"...

Selbstmordzahlen sind gestiegen.
Wir versuchen zu zeigen, dass immer jemand zuhört.
Rufen Sie 0800-1110111 an

Könnten 2 Follower diesen Toot bitte kopieren und erneut posten. Nur zwei. Egal welche zwei. Kopieren, nicht retooten.

Started watching "Locke & Key" on Netflix, for lack of better things to do. Halfway through the first episode and it's still ok.

I know what you're thinking - but "The Ultimate Guide to Professional Sarcasm" said I should pretend to be an optimist from time to time. Apparently it catches people off guard...

To all the police personnel out there who are doing their jobs WITHOUT resorting to wrong or questionable methods or subscribing to offensive worldviews: I apologize for my fellow humans. Even when media attention is focused on those of your colleagues who act wrongly, there are those of us who do not over-generalize, and who still appreciate the work you do.

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Wow - what a stroke of complete and utter genius! I'm certain this strategy will finally put a stop to police brutality - or at least reduce it significantly. Happy third birthday to the person who came up with the idea!

Vielen Dank an alle ÖPNV-Streiker. Dafür, dass ihr vielleicht der einen oder anderen Firma einen weiteren Grund gebt, ihre Mitarbeiter im HomeOffice arbeiten zu lassen. Dafür, dass ihr Menschen zwingt, sich einen Tag Urlaub zu nehmen, die sonst einen stressvollen Tag bei der Arbeit gehabt hätten. Und dafür, dass ihr ein weiteres Mal meine Meinung bestärkt, dass Infrastruktur wieder ordentlich verstaatlicht gehört.

Just tripped over this on a random youtube binge: youtube.com/watch?v=ExwqNreocp

Now I have these random thoughts of an art gallery full of framed QR codes with minimal games you run straight from your phone's camera. Well, as straight as "using a reasonable AND SECURE game engine" gets.

Actually, it's every time I open a detail page. Sentry doesn't remember that I already saw the whole thing and dismissed it multiple times. If anybody knows how to fix this, please help? We're on Sentry 20.8.0

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"You've got a lot of Issues. That's fine." Thank you for that bit of insight, . Now maybe you can stop showing me a tour of the issue details page every single day?

A colleague posted this as her "done for the day" picture yesterday. It's been quite a while since I last saw this, but I'm thinking about making it my background picture. It's calming, somehow - like it's telling me that the internet won't be deleted if I turn off the PC, that reality might not kill me. To go outside, look at the world and return when I have gathered some new experiences to talk about.

Sometimes, even the simplest messages can be quite valuable.

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