We encourage users who do not want US-based company Cloudflare to see which websites they are visiting to type about:config into their browser's address bar and then set:

network.trr.mode = 5

By the way: Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected.


@Digitalcourage We should possibly keep on talking to #Mozilla about this issue. As far as I've been reading, right now these are test cases trying to pursue a generally valid goal.

@z428 Yes. We have tried to talk to them about privacy issue before, but all we received in response was a standard letter that promised exactly nothing. So we are not overly optimistic that they will listen to us this time. /c

@Digitalcourage Oh. That's not too encouraging, indeed. Don't really want to have to search for an alternate browser, especially given I don't really know where else to look... 😐 Thanks for keeping working on this, however.

@Digitalcourage this is wrong though. It should be an opt-in feature, not an opt-out one.

@gcupc Sorry, we don't know these services, and we don't know who runs them. So It's probably better to trust your local internet provider's DNS server unless they forward everything to Google or Cloudflare. /c

In the US, it is absolutely *not* better to trust your ISP's DNS servers, as they are known to do a number of shady things (NXDOMAIN hijacking, domain blocks). I understand the threat models are different in Europe, but the amount of bad reporting on this story is ridiculous and only benefits Google.

@gcupc Usually we toot in German only, but we provided an English translation of this one after a reader requested it. Maybe this will help Mozilla understand that threat models vary across the globe. Somebody suggested the DNS services should be as easily selectable as search engines. Sounds good. But but the local ISP is a better default than one big company that caters for all. /c

@Digitalcourage This parameter can only be found in nightlies build as far as I know.

Just tell me I'm wrong and I will modify my message.

@fredbezies The parameter can already be found in the current stable build of Firefox, but not in the ESR edition.

TRR is not on by default yet. The setting we recommend asks Mozilla to never enable it for you. /c

@Digitalcourage Thanks for the info. I'm running nightlies since 2004 or so.


Well, in about two years from now, Mozilla will be an historical software provider.

Why bothering about it?

Go and kill the only really free software web browser.

I'll be using Chromium because there will be no more choice.

@fredbezies but there are forks. Waterfox is Firefox without spyware, no DRM and they are planning to support older Firefox extensions and webextensions at the same time.
Next there MariaDB, which is a fork of MySQL but with more features and speed. Another one would be Nextcloud, which is a fork of owncloud by the original author, who then made all enterprise-features of Owncloud, open source on Nextcloud @Digitalcourage


Waterfox? A one person project. And a "it was better before" kind of fork.

Won't last long.

@succfemboi @Digitalcourage
I forgot this part: it won't last long after Firefox death.

Free software world is *now* like a group of kindergarten children... Destroying their toys and crying after this happens.

I'm fed up with that and after something like 12 years being a Linux user at home full time.

@fredbezies If Mozilla goes down, many developers might switch over too.
Remember when the Unity desktop has been discontinued, there is a still running community port of it? Ubuntu touch? It's still supported as UBports. GNOME 2, well enter MATE. The fact that it's open source preserves the availability of the software @Digitalcourage

@succfemboi @Digitalcourage

Browsers and Desktop environment are different.

**You can't compare apples and oranges.**

I'm using Mate, but for Mozilla Firefox, it is the end of the road within two years.

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