We encourage users who do not want US-based company Cloudflare to see which websites they are visiting to type about:config into their browser's address bar and then set:

network.trr.mode = 5

By the way: Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected.



@Digitalcourage We should possibly keep on talking to #Mozilla about this issue. As far as I've been reading, right now these are test cases trying to pursue a generally valid goal.

@z428 Yes. We have tried to talk to them about privacy issue before, but all we received in response was a standard letter that promised exactly nothing. So we are not overly optimistic that they will listen to us this time. /c

@Digitalcourage Oh. That's not too encouraging, indeed. Don't really want to have to search for an alternate browser, especially given I don't really know where else to look... 😐 Thanks for keeping working on this, however.

@Digitalcourage this is wrong though. It should be an opt-in feature, not an opt-out one.

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