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Welche Erweiterungen für den Firefox oder Browser allgemein nutzt ihr oder haltet ihr für empfehlenswert?

Wir wollen heute ab 14 Uhr im Datenkanal darüber reden.

Digitalcourage e.V. @Digitalcourage

@datenkanal ist leider nicht ganz vollständig. Wichtig finden wir uBlock Origin, uMatrix oder NoScript, Decentraleyes, Cookie AutoDelete, Smart Referer, HTTPS Everywhere und evt. PrivacyBadger. Sehr nützlich: Firefox Multi-Account Containers. /c

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@Digitalcourage By the way: Habt Ihr eine Reflektion auf #brave als alternativen Browser? @datenkanal

@z428 @datenkanal Für Brave bereiten wir eine Handreichung vor. Hier ist der aktuelle Entwurf: (Wer sich auskennt, darf gern mitwirken und lostippen.) /c

@Digitalcourage Ah. Schön, danke. Ich werde drüberlesen und sehen, ob ich Sinnvolles beizutragen habe. @datenkanal

@Digitalcourage @datenkanal

Containers on the Go
Context Plus
Cookie Auto Delete
Firefox Multi-Account Containers
HTTPS Everywhere
Link Cleaner
Miner Block
Redirect AMP to HTML

@david_ross @datenkanal @Digitalcourage mine: HTTPS by default; HTTPS Everywhere; Lazarus Form Recovery (this is for an older Firefox); Privacy Badger; uBlock Origin. I always hoped a separate Miner Block was not necessary? At one time I also had uMatrix, dunno why it's missing, now. NoScript turned out to be too intrusive. Perhaps I should install uMatrix again. It seemed like a better UI experience than NoScript.

@kensanata yeah the miner thing is like 🤷‍♂️ just in case

@kensanata I guess I'll switch that addon to OFF once that set of features lands. I don't see them yet.

@david_ross Interesting. I sort of assumed it was enabled but I guess it wasn't. Changed privacy.trackingprotection.enabled and privacy.trackingprotection.ui.enabled to true. Funny that I remember this stuff from Firefox Focus on the phone! Do you have the recommended or the strict set enabled?

@kensanata Sorry I'm not clear on the setting you're asking on there. In the preferences UI.. or in about:config?

@david_ross Well, I read the article you linked to, and some other articles it linked to, and got the impression that the UI in settings was disabled by default so I went straight to about:config and enabled both the UI and the setting. My comment was more of an expression of surprise that these two were not enabled by default; and an expression of happiness that Firefox seems to get closer to Firefox Focus (where the tracking protection is super easy to find in the ui).

@Digitalcourage Ich hab noch au-revoir-utm (um Google Analytics - Parameter in Links zu entsorgen). Können aber vielleicht auch andere Addons. @datenkanal