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OK, opengraph seems to be it, if you want to integrate well with facebook. So I think I will travel the RDFa road.

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Should I integrate opengraph into my blog, even when I don't care how well it plays together with Facebook or G+? Is it of any other good use?

I alwas used the 'notes' in exclusively as a way to keep information that has to go into my laptop.

Thinking the other way round solved me the problem of the shoppinglist.

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bitte retweeten einmal (auch wenn die meisten wohl nicht aus münster kommen)


At @publicvoit showed me a pretty FireFox AddOn, that converts the browsers URL into a QR Code.

Here is, how i copied that function for my

I think i will utilize that for my shopping list, as it is an already established standard.

Remember: Don't reinvent the fifth wheel

TIL: It seems to be possible, to have a todo entry containing a checklist in iCal. Now different states of completeness start to make sense.

Despair Driven Development - How to handle deadlines effectively.

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"This is Hans-Georg, the dino bot." "Why Hans-Georg?" "Because he is only able to move to the right." :'D #hebocon #35c3

I start processing all the input I had at .

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Es startet gleich das Fediverse MeetUp auf dem . Raum M3 ganz vorne rechts neben Halle 1.

Has anyone at a pen for a graphics tablet XP-PEN (Star4) that he could lend my daughter?

At you can reach me via 3622 (EMAC) or find me at the Church of Emacs

Hall 2, Outer Rim 110°

Better have a backup now
Hackers roaming free

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Schraub dich nicht ab; lern Lasern und Schrauben.

Doing backups before congress is no spectator sport. You can do it too.

You should.


Is there any floor plan of the assemblies at ? It would be of help if i just know in which hall an assembly is located

Wahh, my fairphone 2 display arrived at the delivery station this morning, but too late to be delivered today. So christmas it is... hopefully

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