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I wrote this in an online meeting at work today, and thought I'd inflict on the fediverse. The topic is striving for excellence.

I've learnt through bitter experience that it's rarely possible to fix
all problems at once. What works, in my experience, is frequent small
improvements. The trick is to have a vision of where one wants to end
up in, and every day find the next step towards that. And it's OK for
the vision to also change. This applies to life as well as software

One hour into the workday, and still no coworker showed up. Am I missing something?

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RT this commercial just tripped me the fuck out omg???? we live in a society...


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Ihr habt einen Talk für den eingereicht und er wurde leider nicht angenommen? Reicht ihn doch für die Chaos West Stage ein!

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Liebe Timeline, ich habe ein 35C3-Budget-Ticket (120€) abzugeben. Hat hier jewesen Interesse dran?

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Well it's a nice day for a light sweater
It's a nice day for a caaardigaaaaaan!

Will there be an assembly for "The (un)employed schemers & lispers guild"? Or for users?

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The Morris Worm was 30 years ago today.

I was working as the network admin at EuroPARC, the European satellite lab of Xerox PARC. We were getting hints that Something Was Wrong, stuff running slowly, sites dropping off the net, when I got a frantic call from my counterpart at PARC, telling me to power everything down, don't waste time gracefully shutting things down, just pull plugs and hit power switches.

Infosec was born that day. :)

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that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

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Operating four layers of virtual machines and abstractions deep, syscalls become so expensive, the kernel actually started invoicing me... 😂

I always thought of myself as a quite unemotional person, without the ability
to get the concept of faith or religion. All the bigger my surprise, when I
found myself in the Greenwich Observatory in front of all those clocks,
calendars, and scientific stellar diaries. I think my feelings there must have
been quite similar to faith. In mankind.

Oh, Xing fragt, wie ich den Rücktritt Merkels vom Parteivorsitz bewerte.
Leider fehlt die Antwortmöglichkeit "alternativlos"

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Interviewfragen für mögliche Kandidaten für den :
* Sie als Mann in einem klassischen Frauenjob - trauen Sie sich das überhaupt zu?!

Oh, and it gives you room for Super- and Hyper-keys in case you code with

I realized, that I never blogged something about the keyboard layout, that works very well for me, for a year now. I call it de-code because it's most useful for people who work with at a german

The Germans are paying a good 25 billion Euro per year for the advertising industry. Thats about 310 Euro per person, just to be separated from reality.

Do you know of some scientific research on Codes of Conduct?

Things I heard myself saying today at work: I'm off now. If someone is missing Volgograd over the weekend, it has moved a timezone to the right

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