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Anyone interested in an assembly at the ?

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There is an ongoing experimental-archaelogical project to build an 11th-century castle from scratch at Guédelon, Burgundy, France, using only contemporary technology. BBC made a 5-hour series about it, titled "Secrets of the Castle", which shows the construction process and all the different jobs associated with it. I can only recommend it:
(picture by Paul Hermans, CC-BY-SA 4.0, from Wikimedia Commons)

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I'm looking forward to give a lecture about the history and philosophy of Free Software at the TU Dresden... First slide is already done. Not sure if I will keep the title but that's my current catchy tune when I think about the content. 😉 #FreeSoftware #FSFE

On the other hand, from there - I guess - it's just two clicks to world domination.

Just learned, that the "Hello World" Electron App needs 6 times the space of my first hard drive

I prefer just plain text E-Mails. If you have to configure your mail client to send them, your software provider is doing it wrong.

What a lovely weekend. I cooked a lot wth my partner, went to a class reunion from my primary school, and finally cleaned "The Room". You know, the one where you put all the stuff, that you don't want in the other rooms, until it turns into a complete mess.

Do the BBC "podcasts" even have any kind of web-feed?

Very cool. With just an one-liner shell script you can get to save its Bookmarks into an -Mode file. And bind it to Ctrl-D.

I really like the userscripts feature. It replaces a lot of the need for AddOns in other browsers with just a short script.

My desktop becomes more and more python-centric. After qtile AS a window manager I quite like qutebrowser as my browser

Now that the Volksbank finishes their RDH10 acceptance: Whats the current state for RDH7 in aqbanking?

Today i tried to comment on a wordpress hosted blog article. I had to log in, because remebered my mail address as connected to a blog, which i deleted some years ago.
I couldn't log in, because i have no actual user account on

In the end I found a way to comment using a throw-away-mail address.

I bet they is also an old account of Franz Kafka

Sitting in the sun and sketching the idea for a multipurpose furniture project:

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BOM, a cult movie from the 60s about Unicode endianness detection tools

Oh, heute ist Tag der Trägheit. Endlich mal ein Tag für die Masse.

By the way, I found a solution to create my very simple font. The perfect solution for me as a noob was FontStruct

All (27) chars should have the same height and width (quadratic) and should have zero space (horizontally) between them

is anyone here into creating fonts? I want to create a very simple one, but dont know where to start.

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Three Body Problem, ch. 31 Show more

I really would like to know the story behind that hole in the table

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