Imagine 20 years from now Zuckerberg, Bezos or some of the other internet owners are running for president.

Knowing the shopping history of all their opponents, or their private messages.

@Drops this is the first time I've seen them called 'internet owners', but it's wonderfully succinct.

@Drops In 20 years, it's not clear for me that they still will need to run for presidency to run the world.

@im @Drops I don't think it'd even take 20 years. They could practically run even in 2020.

#Zuckerberg could easily win against #Trump. People know him more "socially" than #Bezos.

Only the #techies and the #elite would probably know Bezos.

@Drops In 20 years, Zuckerberg and Bezos will either be in jail or dead because we are going to stop them!

In 20 Jahren werden #Zuckerberg und #Bezos entweder im Gefängnis oder tot sein, weil wir sie aufhalten werden!

@Drops in case of facebook it is practically _all_ of your browsing, because their scripts are on such a large number of websites. In case of amazon, they also know everything you ever _thought_ about buying (at least things you searched for, things you looked at.


Not only of the oponents, also about the voters, so it will be easy to do really really good targeting like tell literally everyone what she wants to hear.

But I'm not sure if the US are still a democracy in 20 years.

@Drops They won't know MY whole shopping history and just a few of my private messages.

I could be a thread to them!


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