Finally a homepage for my browser that makes sense. I now automatically render my agenda every 20 minutes into an HTML page, that is used as the startup- and newtab page in the browser.

@Drops That's a brilliant idea. I already thought about rendering it to a file and displaying it upon startup in the terminal, but about:start makes so much more sense. Gonna try that. :)

@Drops You could use after-save-hook to do that every time it's saved.

@cadadr @Drops Depends on the data. In my case, HTML export of the agenda takes approx. one minute.

It's about 5 seconds for me, bit I save pretty often, kind of a reflex. So I put agenda export on the idle-timer.

@Drops hehe right this morning I was thinking about saving my daily agenda as image I use as background image on startup. But your solution is more elegant ;)

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