Yeah the "Microsoft support" called AGAIN!!

This time i googled all the windows i should see if i had a windows computer and got to the point where he wants to establish a remote connection to my computer via LogMeIn Rescue

At that point (35 Minutes in) i had to admit that i cant start the .exe, because i run linux

"But how could you see the event viewer?"

"I googled, how it looks"


"I faked it, like you did with your call"


Burnt another 35 min of a scammers worktime.

@Drops 👏 👏

I wonder if one could set up something like those automated repliers for spam emails, but instead it would work with tech support scammers? 🤔

@Drops I once wasted like 20 minutes of one of these asshats' time by claiming Ubuntu was a type of Windows


Someone should set up a Windows 95 VirtualBox image for this, preconfigured to run like molasses and frustrate every attempt at doing anything.

(So yeah, just like Windows 95. *rimshot*)

And maybe with all of the icons replaced with the goatse image, just to be sure.

Hmmmm. Could be a SaaS offering, at that.

@suetanvil @Drops I'll do you one better: instead of Windows 95, just run it in Wine. Then watch them tear their hair out in frustration as basic things like Notepad work fine, but anything more involved inexplicably crashes, returns weird permission errors, the registry keys look all wrong, etc.

Bonus points for "yeah, i'm super glad you finally called, it has been like this for a couple weeks now"

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