Is there a search engine I can use to search for... what I actually asked for?

Google sure as fuck isn't it. They routinely ignore my search terms.

DuckDuckGo and are falling short, too...

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@FunkyBob maybe a Searx instance? Although that may just aggregate all the problems rather than provide better results.

@matt @mike
Thanks, though it does seem to just aggregate the failings.

Google at least has a "verbatim" mode which is slightly less crap, but no way to say "set this as my default" still.

@FunkyBob @mike startpage should return something similar to Google's verbatim mode by default.

@matt @mike
I did try startpage... and, indeed, had it set as my default for many moons.

for this specific search, it returns exactly as the others do.

Perhaps it's unfair trying to search for "...", but it's meaningful in context.

And seriously, it's OK to say "nothing found"!

@FunkyBob @mike Proposal: search terms joined by 👏 emoji are mandatory in the results.

@FunkyBob I'm personally really happy with MetaGer. Maybe you can check them out! :)

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