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Vodafone Germany has cancelled all local german peering partners. Greeeeeeaaaat. -.-

.@vodafoneservice Sind Businessverträge ebenfalls von der Kündigung der Peeringpartner betroffen?

Da hört parken auf, dahinter ist frei und der Typ steht genau auf dem Behindertenparkplatz. Beachte die Bodenmarkierung.

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If being gay is unnatural why isn't it called heterosapiens?

git config --global init.defaultBranch main

Die Nachbarskinder verkaufen Limonade. Gleich mal als Kapitalisten beschimpfen.

Liebe Nazis, wer sich zwischen mich und Baklava stellt, hat ein ernsthaftes Problem!

Postman is curl without all features but in a browser. Awful.

I may rewrite some tooling around lexoffice in rust too. Nothing user facing, but I have some scripts that create and delete test accounts and generate the data model. Currently some of these tools are written using puppeteer.

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Related: TIL that you can use rust to connect to geckodriver.

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Fuck it, I write an API for epost.de using webdriver! Getting their approval on an application is not worth the effort.

I find it scary, that @vodafoneservice does not provide public ipv4 addresses for their private customers. NATs are a hell fire for any serious usage.

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