It's kinda funny that class inheritance exists, but most patterns tell you to not use it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I think I can release the first version in a few days.

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Today some libhsqs hacking: I refactored some long outstanding technical dept and improved the isolation of the different modules.

Today I did some work one of my secret projects. Javascript and low level C still feels like a weird combination. 😄

Sooo, apparently quickjs forgets about its stack as soon as 'await import()' is used. :/

Personally, I don't like the term "queer/trans allies". It sounds like I have an agenda. But I just try to treat people with a bit of respect. That's all.

And extra points for triggering language fundamentalists. :P

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That makes it pretty tempting to be used in a bootstrap process.

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In terms of build complexity and build times quickjs is hard to beat.

~30 seconds to build, libc is the only external dependency.

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So... What would you pals think about a package build system written in Javascript?

One downside of Github Copilot is that I tend to introduce code duplication.

Funny how the post-gender movement was abolished before the actual gender movement even really started.

I really got some attention from the IPv6 folks now 🥰

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