Bei mir ist es weniger ein sehnen nach sozialem Kontakt, wir bei vielen anderen, sondern eher das Gefühl, dass es nichts mehr zu erzählen gibt, wenn ich mit jemandem Rede. Auf der anderen Seite freue ich mich darauf, Menschen zu zeigen, was bei mir in der Pandemie entstanden ist.

Hab mir jetzt Pflanzen gekauft und hab eine Frage. Wie lange muss ich die täglich anschreien, damit sie vernünftig wachsen?

Somehow, @vodafoneservice has awful peering with @Docker hub. I keep getting timeouts. If I enable VPN it's fine.

I still wonder if it is possible to implement the wlroots wayland extensions as a Gnome extension.

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Okay, I finally made the switch to Gnome-Wayland on Void. Let's see if I'll switch back.

Intervalfasten. Aber so schnell wie Intervaltraining.

In many terms void is a pretty boring distribution. It's not particular bleeding edge, it has no releases which could be on the news, it just uses packages as they come (mostly). But it's pretty good in being boring. My system runs since 2014 without reinstalling.

You know those playstation button knuckles tattoos? Im thinking about having a similar one, but with hjkl.

Am I the only one who fears that LCARs in Star Trek will be implemented by an outdated version of electron?

XPS 13 with Ryzen or M1 processors. Or OpenPower. Or even RISC-V. Anything, but not Lametel.

u3b3r 63nd3rn b35chw3r3n, 4b3r d4nn 13375p33k c00l f1nd3n.

Is there someone that can point me to resources about the bytecode? I may have an insane idea.

It's 2021 and setting up a k8s cluster in the cloud still sucks.

This is a so much better result than on birdpage ♥️

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Zieh dein Hemd aus und trink Astra, wie normale Menschen, Justus!

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