What is armored but feels pain nonetheless?

A Hurtle.

Statt Meeting lieber kacken gehen. Kommt mehr bei raus.

Just got a pptx containing a meeting schedule. -.-

They would bury their grandma using PowerPoint if they could.

I need a "Please deactivate your adblocker"-blocker.

Wenn man drei mal hinter einander "Yannic Hendricks" sagt, erscheint vor einem eine Unterlassungsklage.

To be successful in Open Source, you must:

- expect that nobody helps you
- expect that the solution you wrote on your own for months is hated by everyone.

I need a token friend. It seems to be the hot new thing and I want to be hip!

Today I replaced my 14 year old postfix+spamassassin setup with opensmtpd+rspamd and I feel pleased.

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