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@Gottox there is a setting "Always expand toots marked with content warnings" under preferences.... I'm not sure if it exactly does what you need...

@Gottox Install the Stylish browser extension, then create a user style with this content:

.status__content .status__content__text, .status__content .e-content {
display: block !important;

.status__content__spoiler-link {
display: block !important;
height: 3px !important;
width: 100%;
background-color: #606984 !important;

The first block expands the toot, the second one converts the spoiler link to a horizontal line.

Sigh. Twitter blocking accounts gets slightly out of hand.

I'm on Mastodon too: chaos.social/@Gottox

Is there a way to auto-expand Toots with CW or sensitive content?

I'm going to write a script that automaticly generates those blocklists. Maybe with a server component to aggregate blocklists from various users. It would be cool if we could do similiar stuff with other social networks too.

I'd like to block a long list of accounts safed in a json file. How can I do that?

Docker and Arm are partnering to improve Docker on Arm...

How? - I mean, one can improve docker a lot, but I don't know how hardware vendors can help here.

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