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The picture is a bit blurry but the email reads:

Dear Nintendo your "security" isn't working anyway, so please let users
use the web browser of the Nintendo Switch for what ever they want.

They OWN the device after all.

It's completely obvious that the Nintendo switch has a web browser. Nintendo just doesn't want users to be able to use it freely. Most likely because in the past security flaws in it were used for jail breaks. That's pretty fucked up IMHO.

I have a question for those experienced with Ableton Live out there:
For someone who just get's started is it worth it to get the complete Suite? Or is the Standard edition enough?

I know it's kinda of a broad question, but I thought I might ask anyway.

My DS4 (Play Station 4 controller) can't connect to my pc anymore, since I've updated Arch.

Or to be exact, it connects but immediately disconnects again. Only if I put it into paring mode and connect to it from my PC it stays connected.
But it used to work flawlessly.

On my laptop that runs Gentoo and the SAME version of bluez it works.

Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

HECK who ever built the linux support for the PS4 controller really did an awesome job. Even the battery and rgb led is exported to the sysfs power/battery and led subsystem.

The results of the poll is here and the correct answer is that /dev/nvme0 and /dev/nvme0n1 may or may not reference the same physical SSD if the kernel has NVMe multipathing support enabled. The naming is not consistent. This "feature" is very poorly documented and caused users to data loss.

Hey users, I have a question, please answer based on your knowledge and experience WITHOUT looking up the answer. It's about NVMe SSDs.

Does /dev/nvme0 and /dev/nvme0n1 reference the same physical SSD drive on a PC with multiple NVMe SSDs?

Feel free to boost.

The vacuum of the vacuum packaging of a spool of PLA was so strong that it left a vacuum formed imprint of the spool in the plastic foil. You can even see the small details of the surface of the spool.

Looked at my statistics query tool for emails rejected my mail server. And the GeoIP stats never seas to amaze me. (Country names in the screenshot are in German)

"There are a number of options which most likely need to be configured globally for a site. The python script module reportlab/ may be edited to change the values of several important sitewide properties."

Who ever thought that it was a good idea to write a python module in a way that I have to edit a file that is part of said module to configure it has now clue how python modules work.
For clarification I'm talking about a module you install with pip or another package manager.

I need more accurate temperature sensors and especially one that I can use to calibrate others. Because the biggest error in those values is a an absolute error that is easily compensated.

Today generated some nice data in what difference a solar radiation shield (Stevenson Screen) can make in outdoor temperature measurement.

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