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My new year's resolution was to be more like those cyberpunk/goth characters I always wanted to be…

So hi I like to introduce you to Jenny, your goth hacker vampire vixen. Expect to see me more like this, as I become more like I always wanted to be.

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Hi I'm Jenny, a kinky trans hacker vampire kitten, aspiring goth, electronics geek and latex lover.

I love to build and code stuff and I like photography, gaming and blinky stuff.

I stream about electronics and occasionally gaming:

If you a spot a geeky goth trans girl, with bright red and black hair, wearing latex and a collar, who is hacking on some hardware at a hacker conference around Europe it's a high chance that it's me :P

But on the other hand, I don't really have a use case for it. And if it just sits on a shelf and collects dust that's not good.

The only possible use case I can think of is using it for my live streams, which would be a bit overkill ^^

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No thinking about it's history and what an amazing piece of engineering it was back then in 1998 when it was release and how it actually is a piece of audio engineering history I'm kinda starting to get attached to it.

Maybe I wont sell it after all, I have to think about it.

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Anyway I tapped the close and put it to the side until I get a battery that fits and then I guess it's soldering time. Why tape? Well the screws are self taping metal screws and I didn't want to screw them back in and out unnecessarily as you can to that only a couple times.

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haha found this thread in forum with people ranting about the problem with the soldered battery. Also it seams they used a RAM chip (for storing presets) that draws so much power that you have to switch the battery out all 2-3 years in the older models.

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The only thing which does suck is that the battery is soldered to the main PCB.
Ugh who designed this πŸ™

Also I just spotted those two flying wires that where hand soldered to one of the ICs. Almost looked like they had some issues with the PCB layout in the production models.

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Just ran all the diagnostic tests and everything works, only backup battery needs replacement. So pics from the insides incoming :3

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The friendly people at where so kind to send me a bunch of goodies.
Thanks :3

Kennt ihr das wenn ihr super super ungeduldig auf das tracking eines Pakets guckt weil ich nicht erwarten kΓΆnnt das es ankommt?

Might be doing that right now.

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The pricing of the Sony A6600 sucks compared to the A6400

The A6400 is sold for around 879€ whereas the A6600 costs 1399€. That's more then 1.5 times the A6400.

And you only get image stabilization, a head phone jack and bigger battery

self OH: I can see myself in the future beeing quite irrational, or to use another word for it brute, and buy an Arturia PolyBrute >.<

Todays's weather is really the kind where you just want to stay in bed and hide under the blanket. Also it makes me incredibly tried and I have almost no energy for anything today. I can I please have summer back?

Did I mention that I like purple?
Yes I tinted my Ableton live setup purple xD
(still running the trial on my linux laptop since I'm not 100% happy yet with the performance via wine and don't want to waist an unlock of my license)

Given a weighted graph of a lesbian polycule, find the shortest distance between two nodes. Dyke-stra's algorithm.

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