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If you don't know yet, go check them out they are awesome.
They also are currently live on twitch currently
But on twitch you only get half the experience.

Oh FFS OnePlus why on earth did you have to invent your own non USB-IF compliant fast charging, WTF.
Knowing that I beforehand I would have not bought one of your phones.

Hey lets's develop a thing that drives even high current USB connectors past their rated current limit and call it dash charging instead of implementing any of the industry standard fast charging specs out there. Because the later could have been actually useful β€” *facepalm*

Help, I need a new smartphone.

Here's what I want:

* No iPhone
* realistic chance of somewhat timely security updates through vendor or CustomROM
* Pants-pocket size
* ok battery life
* ok camera
* <300€, if possible


The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was β€œMy battery is low and it is getting dark.”

oof, what a nightmare. Wanted to start streaming 2 hours ago, then my internet connection acted up, and then OBS broke. Well I was able to use the time to improve some things on my bot, but still UGH

of course now that I want to finally start streaming my internet connection has to act up -_-



Erm, Leute. Es hat geklappt. Einfach so. Ich bin jetzt auch vor dem Staat Laura und weiblich. Ohne Gutachten. Ohne Gericht. FΓΌr 23€ VerwaltungsgebΓΌhr.


Look what arrived in the mail today:3
Going to take it apart and see how much the hardware has changed compared to the version @scanlime modded

what android mastodon client would you recommend? I need something that supports multiple accounts.

@grufwub it's not the UK government, it's the business software alliance who like to pretend they're some kind of law enforcement agency

words cannot explain how much I detest this Instagram ad. so slimy of the UK gov doing this

It's no longer #ClimateChange we're living through. It's environmental breakdown

The poorest half of the global population account for around 10 per cent of yearly global #GreenhouseGas emissions; half of global #emissions are attributed to the richest 10 per cent of people.


well amazon warehouse deals made me an offer I could not resist, so OnePlus 5T it is :3

I need a new smartphone, any recommendations?

β€’ Android with Linage OS support
β€’ Good Camera
β€’ 5GHz WiFi
β€’ min. LTE Cat. 6
β€’ NFC

Currently I'm thinking about the OnePlus 5T, that if you look at the specs is better then the 6T and doesn't have a useless notch.

It's amazing how when Firefox updates it forcibly pops open a webpage with this message, and that webpage embeds analytics that sends your data to google
Screenshot of the Firefox updat…
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