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DECT ist online: 5369
Ruft gerne an wenn ihr quatschen mögt :)

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selfie, eye contact, new year's resolution, self improvement 

My new year's resolution was to be more like those cyberpunk/goth characters I always wanted to be…

So hi I like to introduce you to Jenny, your goth hacker vampire vixen. Expect to see me more like this, as I become more like I always wanted to be.

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Hi I'm Jenny, a kinky trans hacker vampire kitten, aspiring goth, electronics geek and latex lover.

I love to build and code stuff and I like photography, gaming and blinky stuff.

I stream about electronics and occasionally gaming:

If you a spot a geeky goth trans girl, with bright red and black hair, wearing latex and a collar, who is hacking on some hardware at a hacker conference around Europe it's a high chance that it's me :P

"Spielabbruch in Duisburg: Polizei sieht keinen Rassismus-Vorfall"

Wieso bin ich so absolut gar nicht überrascht das die Polizei da keine Rassismus sieht.
Es ist so zum kotzen.

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so i hate how often i currently have to ask for money, but it's now more pressing than ever. we have literally completely ran out of money and it's not really clear when we will next get more money than just enough to cover bills.

we don't really have any food left either and are currently scraping by on snacks with our last like 15 bucks. (paypal allows us to order takeout immediately, cc/bank allows us to buy food/pay bills in a few days)

you can also support us on a regular basis via github sponsors or liberapay:

Hintergründe zu dem Raid von dem das Video aus dem der ursprüngliche screenshot am Anfang des Threads ist, gibt es in diesem Thread

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Polizei Militarisierung 

Aber hey immerhin hat die Essener Polizei ihn nicht mit der Waffenplatform mit der er damals beworben wurde. Die hat nämlich nen .50 BMG Maschinengewehr.

Auch wenn Reul, der ja will das die Polizei gewalttätiger wird, das sicher gefallen würde.

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Polizei Militarisierung 

Der Survivor R ist ursprünglich von Achleitner Fahrzeugbau in AT entwickelt worden für den Einsatz in Kriegsgebieten. Der Einsatz bei der Polizei wurde vermutlich durch Rheinmetall eingefädelt die ihn mittlerweile Herstellen.

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Polizei Militarisierung 

Bei der Pressekonferenz 2018 wie sie den Survivor R bekommen haben, war die Waffenplatform nicht aufgebaut. Vermutlich weil sonst unangenehme Fragen gekommen wären wieso die Polizei das braucht.

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Polizei Militarisierung 

TIL: Das SEK der Essener Polizei hat nen RMMV Survivor R inkl. ferngesteuerten Waffenplatform aufm Dach.

src video:

Nach der Pandemie, Congress Neustart im ICC Berlin stat Messe Leipzig, dass wäre doch mal was.

Um, I think you have a bug in the installer for RX Advanced 9.2.0

ugh wanted to tweet something about making music and when I was ready to sent I accidentally deleted the draft. Too tired and frustrated to write it again.

TLDR: I got some distance since I gave up on this year's Jamuary 9 days ago and might try to make something again tomorrow.

So just found Rev 5 (August, 2021) of the datasheet. And in that revision the pinout is missing completely.

So it now looks like forgot to add an pinout to the datasheet in Rev. 4 or 5, and when they added it back in this month they swapped the pins.

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So I'm not entirely sure but it looks like either has an incorrected pinout in their current datasheet for the 2N7000 TO-92 mosfet (Rev.6 Jan. 2022) or they really switched the source and drain pins sometime in the last 8 months. There is no PCN for such a change.


Sony sent me a box filled with packaging material, air, aaaand a purple DualSense controller.

You could fit 10 of those controllers in that box.

But ntfs-3g didn't complain while mounting the disk, it silently ignores the error. What then happens is that ntfs-3g mounts the disk without compression support turning all compressed files into invalid symlinks.

Great software -_-


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Why was it unreadable?

Well Windows 10 compresses system files with NTFS compression. For NTFS compression you need a plugin for ntfs-3g, the plugin was linked against an older version of ntfs-3g and the updated version of ntfs-3g could not load the so.


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Fixed it. It was caused by a unreadable font file.

And in extension apparently by dunst ignoring the font setting in the config file and trying to load the system default sans-serif font, which for some reason resolved to Arial on my windows drive which was unreadable.

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Since the last system update on arch dunst (notifications demon) isn't able to render fonts. Does anyone else have similar issues or any clue on how I can fix it?

Ich hab gerade beschlossen, dass es voll OK ist jeder Person die irgendwas von Wohnungen mit Wasserstoff beheizen faselt eins mit nem Buch über Thermodynamik überzuziehen.

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