Just to be clear here, by designating as a terrorist organisation Trump just officially declared the US as a fascist state.

What you are witnessing right now in the US, are the first days of a openly fascist state.

The cops and the military are not "just" attacking people who are violent, they are attacking anybody protesting and the free press. They are here to subdue decent and beat people into submission.

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Tbh Trump is just spewing bs. He has absolutely no power to do that. Not that I doubt he wish he could do that.

@dexter well the DOJ released this:
"The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly."

I'm not sure about the legal technicalities but it doesn't change what they are trying to do and are doing. Anti-fascists are terrorists for them.

Full version and source:

France considers Vegans and Anarchists as terrorists and worthy of getting an "S" card (national security threat)

@HackyScientress "i named my group anti-badstuff. if you oppose the things we doβ€”no matter what we doβ€”then you're automatically de facto pro-badstuff since we're anti-badstuff."

@HackyScientress Just like last time. Pretty much the same thing happened to the White Rose Society during World War II.

@drwho Yes and it's scary how many people he has behind him, how many people think anti-fascists are the enemy.

@HackyScientress I think some of it is ignorance, some of it is not wanting even more chaos (the two sides clashing), and some of it is some people considering the status quo inherently good; to put it another way, "I'm glad they're not coming after people like me."

@drwho Yes that to but I meant how many people he has behind him how hate anti-fascists and/or leftist people on general Like that one GOP guy who tweeted "Can we now hunt them all done like we did with other terrorists?"

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