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is punk dead

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

"Die & die in geheimer Mission" feat. den -CH / -Manifesto, & vielem spannenden mehr

Perfekte Einstimmung auf den der
@digiges_ch am Samstag in Zürich

In , there are now topless meetings / トップレス‐ミーティング .
This means 'without laptop', not 'without upper torso clothes'.

Hallo heute um Mitternacht schließen wir die Anmeldung für Jugend hackt 2020! Wenn ihr Lust habt, beim ersten Jugend hackt Event in Bayern dabei zu sein, meldet euch jetzt noch schnell an!!!

Surely there is a better way to display the #FOSDEM schedule than abstract art.




Is it a rule that all routers must have cmd injection vulnerabilities? Kind of cool now because I can really explore the firmware now.

Back in 2018, thanks to crowd-funding, we started working on a Linux kernel driver for the Allwinner VPU. We have now completed all goals set by the project as of Linux 5.5! Read our blog post at If you're interested in additional features, contact us!

Hey fam: The @ChaosPost really needs help with delivery! If you have a moment to spare, deliver some post and make awesome new friends!

Angenommen ich suche eine neue berufliche Heimat im Bereich IT-Infrastruktur/Operations, wo sollte es mich hinziehen?

Ort: Bundesweit flexibel. Rhein-Neckar Region bevorzugt.

Morgen 2/2

19:00 Korb-Modular & Günter Rolle (modular & Teenage Engineering)
20:00 AA Battery (mobile)
20:20 Hoving (ambient)
21:00 Bobo_PK (chiptune)
21:40 IYs (improvised)
22:20 johnnygorillas (sonic experience)
23:00 Till Moninger (handmade techno)
0:00 - 2:00 Midirausch (modular techno)

Visuals: N(V)N / N(S)N NoiseBau

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